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November 30, 2022

Türkiye’s International Brand in Education: Turkish Maarif Foundation

The Turkish Maarif Foundation makes significant contributions to Türkiye’s strategy for “internationalization of education” through the educational institutions that it established abroad for all levels, from pre-school to higher education. First and foremost, our Foundation has breathed new life into the process of internationalization in education, which had been limited to higher education and to the international movement of students and academics, by expanding it to pre-school, primary education, and K-12.

Our Foundation’s educational activities abroad remain focused on formal education at the K-12 level, from pre-school to the final year of high school. In other words, it operates private international schools on Türkiye’s behalf in other countries. Notwithstanding, our Foundation also has a university in Albania and education centers in twelve countries, where they provide nonformal education. In this regard, the Turkish Maarif Foundation has become our nation’s face, household name in education and international brand that engages in all levels of formal and non-formal education abroad.

Our Foundation currently provides high-quality education to 50,000 students enrolled in 428 institutions in 49 countries. At the same time, it has ongoing contacts with 50 more nations simultaneously to launch additional educational institutions there. Thanks to the level, which it has reached after six years, the Turkish Maarif Foundation has become one of the top five international school networks globally in terms of its scope.

Maarif International School in Romania serves as Turkey’s outreach to the international educational arena, with the understanding that cultural and civilizational interaction will lead the common good for humanity for both Turkish and Romanian citizens or those coming from all over the world. The school apply the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) program and Romanian National Curriculum from kindergarten to high school.

International Maarif Program (IMP) is Starting from Romania


Meanwhile, our Foundation has been developing its own international education program. We are determined to establish an education program, curriculum, and accreditation system in the field of international education through the International Maarif Program (IMP). Within that framework, we have already completed our Turkish instruction program and began to implement it at our school. The accreditation system aims to ensure the coherency between educational systems across all countries in line with modern global trends by helping to adopt a core national curriculum. Turkish Maarif Foundation has created a curriculum to be followed in the preschool education settings, which covers the ages 3-6, constitutes the first step of carrying out educational endeavors globally. All components of the Maarif Preschool Education Program; Curriculum, Material, Teacher Training and Assessment and Evaluation processes have been developed in accordance with the IMP (International Maarif Program Accreditation System).

The International Maarif Preschool Education Program is started to be implemented in our Maarif Kindergarten in Bucharest in the 2022-2023 academic year. The standards required by the Maarif Preschool Program were met in our school. The necessary files have been submitted to the Ministry of National Education and an application has been made for the accreditation of the program in Romania.

The program is designed to reflect and nurture the full needs of children at this critical stage of their lives. It aims to develop and support the child in accordance with the universally accepted domains of development and learning. In the program development domains are: Cognitive Development, Social Emotional Development, and Language Development. Learning domains are identified in line with the developmental domains. Each area will be enriched with activities that will be prepared in line with the developmental domains. In the program learning domains are: Mathematics, Science and Technology, Art, Social Sciences, Language, Early Literacy, and Communication, Play and Movement. In addition to development and learning, play is considered and supported to be an important instrument that supports the culture acquisition and expression. In the program all activities are planned on the basis of play.

Our R&D efforts continue in the remaining field. To sum up, the Turkish Maarif Foundation has joined an elite and prestigious group of international educational institutions that develop and implement their own programs. That is a source of pride for our Foundation as well as Türkiye as a whole.  The Turkish Maarif Foundation is Türkiye’s international brand in education.


A Great Contribution to Educational Science from the Turkish Maarif Foundation: International Istanbul Education Summit


The Istanbul Education Summit, which took place in 2021 for the first time, is an international platform for education-related analyses, debating future perspectives, theoretical approaches and practices, the exchange of information on developments in the world of education in light of the experiences of various nations, and the presentation of proposed solutions.

Migration, human mobility, extraordinary developments like the pandemic, technological developments and digitalization, and new problems caused by climate change all render inevitable a transformation in the world of education – just like in all other areas.

Education-related discussions around the world as well as the reports and goals of international institutions and organizations highlight the future of education. An international perspective is needed to objectively analyze the problems of education at a global level and to exchange views on predictions regarding the future of education in a healthy manner. That situation attaches further importance to international educational institutions. The Turkish Maarif Foundation is among the world’s leading institutions in terms of the vastness of its education network.

The experience and relationships of the Turkish Maarif Foundation, which operates educational institutions in culturally, geographically and socio-economically different parts of the world, represent a major advantage for the Summit’s ability to present proposed solutions to the problems experienced within the processes of education at an academic level.

The Istanbul Education Summit, which will be held with a new main theme annually, aims to be a meeting point for institutions and stakeholders that distinguish themselves through their international activities.

  • Istanbul Education Summit-2022 will convene face-to-face in Istanbul on 4-5 November 2022 to discuss “The Future of School: The Post-Pandemic Needs of Education.(https://www.istanbuleducationsummit.com/ )


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