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November 29, 2022

NextUp: Romanian companies invest up to 8,000 euros in digitalization to combat inflation, the demand for ERP systems increasing by 30%

Inflation and recent changes in the Fiscal Code determine Romanian entrepreneurs to invest in the digitization and automation of processes in their companies in order to reduce expenses by up to 35%. Thus, the demand for software solutions increased by 30% during January-September 2022 compared to the same period last year, according to the data of NextUp, one of the largest business software companies in Romania.

Local companies invest between 1,000 and 8,000 euros in solutions for managing the entire business, such as ERP systems, integrated software solutions, to automate work processes in order to simplify the work of employees and eliminate human errors. Also, the interest in cloud software solutions, such as salaries and employee documents app, increased by 30% during the year, with companies investing in such a program between 500 and 3,000 euros, according to NextUp, which has over 5,000 customers, most of them Romanian companies.

“In the fight against inflation, in order to prevent major losses, Romanian entrepreneurs look with more confidence at the information systems rich in functionalities specific to their industry, able to take over from the manual tasks of the employees, thus saving resources and, consequently, money. Moreover, this year’s legislative changes are in practice difficult to implement, they are extra work. And this can be avoided with the right software. We are receiving more and more requests from SME companies, especially in the ecommerce and retail fields, but also from companies with production activity – beverages, bakery and pastry, clothing, services and distribution”, says Roxana Epure, Managing Partner NextUp.

In parallel, Romanian entrepreneurs invest in digitization and automation solutions customized to the needs of their businesses, representing functionalities developed from scratch especially for specific operations in each company, such as the automatic sending of documents to customers, notifications and warnings about stocks, prices – in order not to leave the management actions prey to human error  –  real-time reporting,  for quick decisions and adapted to the situation of the moment. The demand for such customized solutions has increased by 30% this year, being a trend in the software development market.

At the same time, Romanian companies are investing more and more in increasing the digital skills of their employees. Therefore, the demand for specialized training services customized in the use of ERP programs and payroll software registered an increase of 50% in 2022 compared to last year.

“The creation of customized solutions represents a strong trend in the demand of companies for digitalization solutions, from the desire to improve workflows and to offer their customers an improved experience. The high competition on the market, complemented by the intention to reduce costs and ensure their cash flow, determines Romanian entrepreneurs to invest more than ever in automation and digitalization. And they invest both in business operations and the increase of employees’ digital skills, requesting the organization of in-depth trainings in the use of ERP and payroll programs. And that’s just the beginning. We will see very large investments in software solutions and a mass digitization in the Romanian entrepreneurial environment”, explains Roxana Epure, Managing Partner NextUp.


About NextUp


NextUp, the developer of the first ERP with artificial intelligence, is one of the largest producers of software for entrepreneurs and accountants, created through modern technologies and updated according to legislative-fiscal changes. Addressed to local businesses, NextUp software is mainly used in online retail, traditional retail, production, distribution and services, to automate repetitive time-consuming activities and optimize business processes and forecasts. NextUp has over 7,000 customers, with an average of 5 users per company.



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