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December 4, 2022

PM Ciuca, at “Digital Romania, Liberal Romania” event: Digital transformation is an essential part of Romania’s modernisation

Digital transformation is an essential part of Romania’s modernisation, offering a chance to bridge the still existing gaps separating Romania from the other parts of the European Union, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca said on Thursday, adding “it is time for the government to circulate data, not make Romanians push paperwork between its institutions”.

“Digital Romania, free Romania is a concept that conveys a firm message from the National Liberal Party (PNL): digital transformation is an essential part of Romania’s modernisation. Liberal governments throughout history have always undertaken courageous reforms and the mission to modernise Romania’s society and economy especially in difficult times. Today, in the face of multiple regional and global crises, we must take advantage of the opportunity to make the leap in development that all Romanians are waiting for. Research, innovation and digital transformation are the main ingredients of the liberal model for economic growth that we supported them and we will continue to support,” Ciuca told “Digital Romania, Liberal Romania” event organised by PNL.

According to the prime minister, “the world is changing rapidly; the digital revolution and new technologies mean humanity’s chance to find solutions to the great challenges, from the pandemic, to the energy crisis and the border war.”

Through the brilliant minds it is blessed to have, Romania should contribute to these advances. Moreover, digital transformation and new technologies give us the chance to bridge the gaps still separating us from other parts of the European Union and countries that have understood sooner the role of new technologies in the modernisation of public services.”

Ciuca added that during the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone realised the usefulness of digital solutions, and in the conflict in Ukraine, the strategic importance of cyber security has been highlighted.

“Now, we have the necessary tools and funds for a digital Romania on four key dimensions,” said the prime minister, mentioning digital public services, digital skills, the digital transformation of the Romanian private sector and connectivity through high-speed networks.

These strategic priorities are reflected in the large digital transformation projects that the Romanian government is working on, Ciuca said.

The Digital Transformation Ministry is working on a government cloud, “a major project that will completely change the paradigm of digital public services in Romania by ensuring interoperability and security of Romanians’ data,” said Ciuca.

“It’s time for the government to circulate data and not make Romanians push paperwork between its institutions,” he added, according to Agerpres.

According to the prime minister, the Interior Ministry will establish a service hub for issuing legal records and registering vehicles in a digital format.

Building digital skills at all levels of society is vital, the prime minister added, noting that the Education Ministry is already working on projects to ensure digital skills in the education system.


Photo: www.gov.ro

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