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December 7, 2022

Speaker Ciolacu welcomes President of the Croatian Parliament: Security and defence co-operation between Romania and Croatia, a very important dimension for security and stability in Europe

Security and defence co-operation between Romania and Croatia, bilaterally and within NATO, remains a very important dimension for security and stability in Europe, Speaker of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies Marcel Ciolacu told a plenary sitting of the chamber, adding that “it is fair” for both countries to join the Schengen area in December.

Ciolacu welcomed President of the Croatian Parliament Gordan Jandrokovic (photo), who delivered a speech to the same plenary sitting.

“We are facing a particularly complex current context that requires joint actions on the part of the member states at the level of the European Union with close observance of the principles of solidarity, cohesion and respect for democratic values. I can see with satisfaction that our countries have taken similar positions on many foreign policy subjects at the European, regional and international level, with Romania and Croatia supporting each other’s candidacies at the European Union level, and also in other regional formats and international organisations. Security and defence co-operation between Romania and Croatia, both bilaterally and within NATO, remains a very important dimension for security and stability in Europe as a whole,” said Ciolacu.

He also mentioned the recent developments in Ukraine, pointing to the success of the first parliamentary summit of the Crimea platform, “an important event that sent a strong message of unity, solidarity and international support for Ukraine.”

“As it was highlighted by the message to the summit, Romania reconfirms its assistance on multiple levels to Ukraine, such as the commitment to actively participate in the reconstruction process,” said Ciolacu.

He added that “a quick and sustainable process of recovery of the European economies” must be ensured, noting that “it is fair” for Romania and Croatia to join the border-free Schengen area of the European Union in December.

“To Romania, this process is all the more important as we want to return as quickly as possible to a sustained rate of bridging the development gaps separating us from the average of the European Union, and that will be possible once our countries have joined the Schengen area. Our citizens should not bear the indirect cost of this delay. It is fair and we are convinced that both countries will join the Schengen area in December,” Ciolacu added.

He also called excellent the parliamentary co-operation between the two countries.

“Mr President, I am happy to note our excellent parliamentary co-operation, indicated also by the frequent visits in recent years, both at the level of the leadership of Parliament and of the specialist parliamentary committees. In the 30 years of diplomatic relations that we are celebrating in 2022, we have benefited from multiple opportunities for dialogue and mutual support, and I am expressing my hope that this chapter will be capitalised on even more in the future, especially the economic level,” Ciolacu said.


Gordan Jandrokovic addresses plenary sitting of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies : I hope that Romania and Croatia enter Schengen Area on January  1, 2023


The President of the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia, Gordan Jandrokovic, who is paying an official visit to Romania, on Tuesday told the plenary sitting of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies that he hopes both Romania and Croatia will enter the Schengen Area on January 1, 2023.

“There are many similarities in the political and national paths of Croatia and Romania. Our countries experienced the transition from communism to democracy. Such a transition was extremely difficult and we had to adjust multiple elements – mental, social, political and economic – but, for the goals we shared, to enter NATO and the EU, we were prepared to make these efforts, and these elements connect us. (…) Now both our countries aim to have a fuller integration in the EU framework. Croatia has chosen to enter the Eurozone by introducing the euro currency, and in less than eight weeks we will fulfill another strategic foreign policy goal, but there are two more areas that both Romania and Croatia want to achieve – access to the Schengen Area and membership in OECD. Croatia is fully prepared to join Schengen and the latest report from the European Commission confirms that Romania is ready as well. I hope that both Croatia and Romania will enter on January 1 next year,” stated Gordan Jandrokovic, in the speech he delivered in the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies.

In another line of thoughts, the Speaker of the Parliament (Sabor) from Zagreb mentioned that Russia’s aggression against Ukraine reminds us that “freedom should never be taken for granted.”

“Croatia will continue to support Ukraine politically, financially, humanitarianly and militarily. (..) Croatia clearly sees the multidimensional support necessary for Ukraine, the adaptation of the railways, these railways and the seaways have been made available to Ukraine for transport. Also, we appreciate the humanitarian aid that you give to thousands of refugees and the technical support. We know that it is good to have friends in difficult times. With the help of friends like Romania and Croatia, Ukraine will win this war,” said Gordan Jandrokovic, the President of the Parliament Republic of Croatia, according to Agerpres.




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