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November 23, 2022

Ciolacu: I will be Prime Minister in May, if PSD considers me the right person

The President of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Marcel Ciolacu, told a press conference that he will take over the position of Prime Minister in May 2023, if the PSD considers him to be the right person.

Asked how he comments on the statements of the Save Romania Union (USR) president, Catalin Drula, according to which he will avoid taking over the position of prime minister in the spring of next year, Ciolacu denied this.

Catalin Drula declared on Tuesday that, in his opinion, at the rotation in May next year, PSD and Marcel Ciolacu will not take over the helm of the Executive, in order not to pay for “bad governance”.

“The economy is in an abrupt slowdown, jobs are being lost, consumption is falling. (…) We are entering an economic crisis. My shock is that at PSD and PNL [National Liberal Party], those at the top know this. Let’s say that their irresponsibility would somehow has excused them, but they plunged the country into this economic crisis, which will come, with the greatest strength, next year. It is irresponsible, they are not taking any measures for this and the only concern is a political one, who will take the expense account, who will not take the expense account of the crisis. That’s why I think that at the May rotation, the PSD and Mr. Ciolacu will not take over the government because it is in the PSD’s DNA to run away from the consequences of their own actions,” Catalin Drula said in an interview with RFI.


PSD chairman professes enforcement of social equity in pension rise plans


Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Marcel Ciolacu emphasized the importance of “social equity” in a “complicated period”, noting that as a Social Democrat leader, he cannot accept that a pension of 1,800 RON be increased by 270 RON, while an 18,000 RON pension would be raised by 2,700 RON, i.e. ten times more.

“I wanted a broader, more settled and more professional discussion. We are still at the stage of discussing percentages: 15, 16, 10. I represent a social democratic party, therefore, I am sorry to say, I have a different approach. I cannot accept that a pension of 1,800 RON should increase by 270 RON, while a pension of 18,000 RON rises by 2,700 RON. More precisely, ten times the rise for the 1,800 RON pension. We set the envelope and then make sure that everyone gets through this complicated period without too much strain. It would be very easy to proceed like in Ceausescu’s time, set a lump sum and put everyone on an equal footing. It’s not fair. I follow the doctrine that PSD stands for. As the PSD leader my obligation is to take care of those with incomes, for example, below 4,000 RON. We must all get through this complicated period. This is called social equity,” Ciolacu told a press conference on Wednesday.

The PSD Chairman expressed his regret about the fact that the discussion regarding the pension rise has slipped “into a highly empirical area”, and added that after the debate regarding the subsidies for energy costs, the Finance Minister will specify the amount that can be allocated to pension increases.

Also, Ciolacu declared himself convinced that the opinion of the National Bank of Romania will be such as to not create “an inflationary spiral” that would disadvantage people instead of helping them out.


SocDem chair says backs postponement of increase in local taxes until 2025


The president of the Social Democratic Party, Marcel Ciolacu, declared on Wednesday that he supports a postponement of the increase in local taxes until 2025, when digitization would become functional.

“It is an outstanding debt of the Romanian state and it seems right to me that until the Romanian state finally comes with the digitization of ANAF (Tax authority), these taxes should remain (unchanged, ed. n.). It should be a derogation from the law, until the year 2025, when the digitization will be functional and interconnected with the local authorities, because even if we apply the law, the local authorities cannot apply it and we are creating a problem for them,” Ciolacu told a news conference.

“Also, I maintain my opinion that from a certain value upwards, over 500,000 euros, over 2 million RON, or over a million euros, there must be a differentiated taxation, as it is everywhere in the world. I don’t want to begin to detail what taxes are paid locally in Paris and what the differences are, depending on income. This is the society we live in and we must adapt, however, to the rules of the European Union and stop being afraid of having such approaches,” Ciolacu also specified.


No sudden change of game as far as special pensions are concerned


Social Democratic Party leader Marcel Ciolacu gave assurances that there will be no surprise change in the special pensions legislation and that a debate will be organized on the subject before a new act is issued.

“I would like to make a very clear announcement: there won’t be a surprise ordinance regarding special pensions or changes in retirement conditions in the military, the Ministry of the Interior, the Gendarmerie and, not in the last place, the judiciary. No one will have the nerve to issue such an ordinance overnight. The government’s obligation, as pledged under a NRRP milestone, is to come up until December 31 with a bill approved by all the ministers, as is normal. Next, the bill will enter Parliament debates. I take full responsibility for this statement: there will be no surprise emergency ordinance putting the magistrates, military and police personnel, and the gendarmes before a fait accompli, with the rules of the game changed by politicians without a debate and a clarity of the law,” Ciolacu told a press conference.


OUG to regulate approx. 80 pct of energy market


Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Marcel Ciolacu also declared on Wednesday that the government will draft an emergency ordinance to regulate approximately 80 percent of the energy market, noting that the energy production cost does not exceed 1.3 RON per kWh with any producer.

During a press conference, the PSD leader mentioned that during the day he will have a meeting on the topic of energy with Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca, as well as with Deputy Prime Minister Kelemen Hunor.

Ciolacu said that through amendments adopted in Parliament, measures will be taken regarding vulnerable people, public utilities and religious denominations.

The PSD Chairman emphasized that the Romanian state should not subsidize an “exceptional, speculative” profit, but direct the financial support towards vulnerable people, the Romanian economy and the producers “in case they cannot keep their production costs within the maximum price”.

Asked if the maximum price of 1.3 per kWh will be maintained, Ciolacu said that the coalition representatives make political decisions, and “the rest must implement them”.


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