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November 28, 2022

PM Ciuca: New border crossing point between Romania and Ukraine confirms the relations and solidarity between the two countries

The opening of a new border crossing point between Romania and Ukraine represents a significant event that confirms the relations and solidarity between the two countries, and in these tragic moments that the Ukrainian side has been going through, since the aggression of the Russian Federation, there is a need of solidarity and unity, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca stated.

The head of the Executive in Bucharest participated, together with his Ukrainian counterpart Denys Shmyhal, in the opening of the Vicovu de Sus (Romania) – Krasnoilsk (Ukraine) border crossing point and customs office.

“It is an event full of significance (…) which confirms the relations and solidarity between our countries. Indeed, it is the first border point which reopens after many years between our countries and it is not only a border crossing point between Romania, but it is a border crossing point between Ukraine and the European Union. In these particular moments that Ukraine is going through, tragic moments, with the aggression of the Russian Federation, we need to show solidarity and unity together,” PM Nicolae Ciuca said, according to Agerpres.

He pointed out that the opening of a new border point practically means facilities for a lighter transit of both citizens and goods.

“The mobility of people and goods at this moment, for Ukraine, acquires vital relevance. I say it has vital significance, vital relevance, taking into account that, after 24 February, the illegal, premeditated and unprovoked aggression of the Russian Federation in Ukraine is causing disastrous effects and consequences for the Ukrainian citizens and for the Government of Ukraine. And we can see what the implications are both for the neighboring states and for the entire continent. As such, Ukraine needs our solidarity, currently, it needs the support which the international community can give. I am particularly referring to the international community, which shares the same values: freedom, dignity, the values of the international world based on rules and, certainly, the right of each state, the sovereign right to decide its own future,” PM Ciuca said.

In this context, the Prime Minister announced that there are still future plans to facilitate the opening of several border crossing points.

“And there are also plans, at the level of the European Union, which integrate and within which we must align ourselves, so that we have a coherent development of these facilities. As such, Mr. Prime Minister, we will continue to further coordinate our activity, so that, as they were presented with hope by those who took care of the inauguration of this point, we succeed in terms of opening other border crossing points not long from now,” Ciuca added.

The Prime Minister brought to mind that Romania stood alongside Ukraine from the first moments of the start of the aggression and thanked the Romanian citizens who showed full empathy and solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

“Both the Government of Romania and the Romanian citizens have done everything in their power in order to be able to support them in these particularly difficult moments,” PM Ciuca stated.

Moreover, he highlighted the fact that Romania had an essential role in ensuring grain exports from Ukraine.

“And, as a consequence, we can say that our country played an important role in the stabilization of agri-food flows at the European and global level, which have been disrupted by the aggression of the Russian Federation. At this moment, we can say that through Romania’s railway, road infrastructure, through the ports of Constanta and Galati, more than 6.5 million tons of grain were exported from Ukraine,” he added.

The head of the Executive in Bucharest assured his Ukrainian counterpart that the Romanian Government together with the European Union will continue to support Ukraine.


We’ll do everything for Romanian and Ukrainian citizens to enjoy their rights


The governments of Romania and Ukraine are responsible for securing an environment for the “full and sustainable exercise” of the rights of the Romanian and Ukrainian communities both in Romania and in Ukraine, according to Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca.

“During today’s meeting, I will also discuss with the prime minister the role that the Romanian community plays in this set of actions carried out by Ukraine for the defence of Ukraine. Romanian citizens have constantly demonstrated that they are loyal and faithful to the Ukrainian state. And I am convinced that that has been appreciated, as I learned at meetings in Kyiv with Mr President Zelensky and Mr prime minister. And it is only fair to discuss the rights of ethnic communities, both the Romanian one in Ukraine and the Ukrainian one in Romania,” said Ciuca.

He mentioned that approximately 2.7 million Ukrainians have found refuge in Romania, and some of them chose to stay, and the Romanian government as well as the Romanian people did everything they could to support them in these particularly difficult moments.

“And we will continue together with the European Union to do everything necessary in that regard. As such, coming back to the two communities located along the border between Romania and Ukraine, it is our responsibility to secure an environment for the full and sustainable exercise of their rights both in Romania and in Ukraine. I am convinced that this issue will remain in the attention of the Ukrainian officials and, once again, we will do everything for Romanian citizens and Ukrainian citizens to enjoy their rights, on both sides of the border, as mutually committed in Kyiv,” said Ciuca.


Photo: www.gov.ro

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