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December 8, 2022

Black Friday 2022: Cargus estimates a 25% increase in delivered volumes, compared to the previous edition

  • To cover this season peak, Cargus has supplemented the team with over 500 couriers and increased the number of sorters by 15%.
  • Compared to a typical month, the company estimates a volume increase of up to 50%.
  • Cargus has invested this year in the opening of new warehouses – in Bucharest (CTPark Dragomiresti), Constanta and Oradea, but also in the modernization of the existing ones.
  • Cargus offers buyers a complete portfolio of delivery solutions – door to door, pick-up from a partner store or from the locker. In 2022, the company invested heavily in expanding the SHIP & GO network to reach over 2,800 fixed delivery points.

Black Friday is an important event for the entire e-commerce industry and consumers, representing the beginning of the peak of the season on the courier market. Cargus’ forecast show a 25% increase in volumes compared to last year’s edition. Also, the company estimates an equal volume increase in November and December.

Preparations for the peak of the season started already a few months ago, most of the investments covering the logistics and operational area. This year, Cargus opened a new warehouse in Bucharest, which doubles the processing capacity of the one in Magurele, relocated two others to much larger and more modern locations in Constanta and Oradea and modernized other smaller units. Also, in order to streamline and expand the delivery options, it has invested significantly in the SHIP & GO partner points network and in the launch of the Cargus lockers.  This month, the Cargus SHIP & GO network (fixed points and lockers) will reach about 2,800 units across the country, with a total potential of around 58,000 parcels per day.

The main driver of growth for Cargus is the assimilation of the growth of e-commerce industry through partnerships with local and international players. Thus, during Black Friday, the courier company expects an increase of up to 50% in the volume of deliveries compared to a regular period. For the second half of November, Cargus estimates a daily average of over 250,000 processed parcels.

“Black Friday contributes significantly to Cargus growth and represents the beginning of a very good period for the entire e-commerce and courier industry. November and December are the months in which we record the highest volume of parcels processed and delivered. We have prepared throughout the year for this growth, by increasing the team of couriers and sorters, but also through strategic investments in expanding the delivery options – out of home, and opening new warehouses. The investments are designed to ensure the best possible delivery experience, including through a variety of payment options and easy and modern means of interaction,” said Yannick Mooijman, CEO of Cargus.

During this period, Cargus has increased both the number of employees and the available transport capacity. Another 500 couriers and 50 trucks were contracted for Black Friday, and the hubs in Bucharest (CTPark), Magurele and Brasov will have extended opening hours.

This year, Cargus launched its own lockers, which offer a contactless interaction, which can be operated using the Cargus Mobile app. Cargus lockers do not require power supply, as they operate on batteries with a service life of up to 10 years. Final recipients are free to choose the locker closest to their home or workplace and are always available for picking up packages. For online stores, lockers along with Cargus SHIP & GO partner points represent an effective solution because they can generate an increase in sales in periods such as Black Friday and a better experience for the customer, who takes possession of the package faster.




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