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December 7, 2022

Government approved establishment of Romanian Science and Technology offices network, with one in Sillicon Valley

The government approved the memorandum regarding the establishment of a network of Romanian Offices for Science and Technology and making such an office operational in Silicon Valley, informs the Minister of Research, Innovation and Digitalization, Sebastian Burduja (photo).

“Romania has a strategic partnership with the United States on several dimensions, one of them being precisely the enhancement of these academic exchanges and also exchanges in the area of entrepreneurship, innovation, research. We have a precedent in Brussels, where we established a Romanian Office of Science and Technology in 2006, under the aegis of the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitization, which connects us to the European environment. We felt the need, looking at what other European countries have done – Denmark, France, Germany, but also smaller countries like Slovenia, to have such a representative office in Silicon Valley as well, in the first phase, after which we also looked into the possibility of a similar approach in Israel, Japan, South Korea,” Sebastian Burduja told a press conference at the Victoria Palace on Friday.

He specified that the office to be made operational in Silicon Valley is a “flexible” one and will not include expenses beyond the limits approved by the Ministry of Finance.

The legal form by which Romania could open the office on the American territory will be agreed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and will be formalized by a government decision, Sebastian Burduja also specified.

The Government is to approve, through a memorandum, the possibility of establishing the Science and Technology Office on the US soil, in Silicon Valley, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca said.

“It is a memorandum through which we are creating the possibility to set up the Science and Technology Office on the US soil. It is clear that we are aiming for nothing more than the establishment of an innovation nucleus which can operate on the territory of the United States, in Silicon Valley. Certainly, it is not only about coordination and cooperation with the United States, with this hub of innovation in Silicon Valley, but it is also about cooperation with other similar structures around the world. As such, within the strategic partnership with the US we are coming with a new component, because we already have an entire series of connections, only that they have not been formalized and have not been coordinated and managed as it should be at the level of a government institution,” PM Ciuca stated on Friday, within the Government meeting.


Photo: www.gov.ro

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