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December 8, 2022

Save the Children Romania provides socio-emotional support to 209,305 people since the beginning of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine

Since the beginning of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, Save the Children Romania has provided complex socio-emotional support to 209,305 people, including 114,824 children and 94,481 adults, with emergency supplies, emotional support, counseling and financial support.

“Save the Children Romania has diversified its programme for refugee children from Ukraine and, beyond immediate humanitarian assistance, we focus on the socio-emotional health of Ukrainian children, we have developed special education programmes for them. There are children who have gone through deep traumas, who have lost their homes, others their schools, and it is essential that socio-emotional ties are restored, as is, for example, education in the mother tongue. At the same time, it is crucial that these children feel integrated, not to have the burden of being foreigners, that’s why we also organized Romanian language lessons for them,” said the executive president of Save the Children Romania, Gabriela Alexandrescu, according to a press release.

According to the cited source, the Save the Children Romania organisation constantly assesses the needs of Ukrainian refugees arriving from Ukraine on Romania’s territory and offers humanitarian assistance and support for access to education and health services, as the case may be, at border crossing points with Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova, in the accommodation centres and procedures for asylum seekers of the General Inspectorate for Immigration, in refugee camps and transit centres, as well as in rural and urban communities where Ukrainian children and their parents live.

At the same time, the organisation affirms that it has extended its intervention in support of refugee children from Ukraine on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, where it organized two humanitarian transports with 505,200 basic hygiene and sanitary products for 42,000 babies, young children and mothers, supported the school integration for 1,600 children and donated two ambulances to provide mobile socio-medical services to women, pregnant women and refugee children from Ukraine to the Republic of Moldova.

“Romania and the Republic of Moldova remain countries on the front line of humanitarian assistance for Ukrainian refugees. Relative to the number of inhabitants, the Republic of Moldova is the country in the region that hosts the most refugees, over 90,000 of the approximately 600,000 people who entered the country from the beginning of the war in Ukraine, choosing to stay on Moldovan national territory, of whom 42,637 are children,” says Save the Children Romania.

Save the Children research shows that 50 percent of Ukrainian children under the age of 16 experience anxiety, and this figure rises to 78 percent for children over 16.

44 percent of the children declared that they feel alone, and 55 percent are worried about the future. Also, 57 percent of children feel unhappy since they left Ukraine, according to the Save the Children organisation, Agerpres reports.


Photo: Facebook/Salvati Copiii Romania

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