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November 30, 2022

Genesis Property signs a 10-year lease with Bookster for its new headquarters in Yunity Park

Genesis Property, one of Romania’s leading Class A office developers, has signed a 10-year contract with Bookster, the most popular employee benefits in over 1,200 companies in Romania. Starting December 2022, Bookster will be headquartered in Building D of YUNITY Park, a new campus business model that will sustainably and uniquely integrate spaces for experiences relevant to the work and lifestyle of the future.

Bookster is the first platform to bring books closer to people and inspire them to grow personally and professionally through reading. Within a cool and trusted community, Bookster’s approximately 130,000 subscribers have access to the world’s top books and enjoy personalized reading recommendations, prompt delivery and accessibility.

“I’m happy that Bookster, a brand that has revolutionized the book market, has chosen YUNITY Park to be its host for the next 10 years. Their choice honours us and revalidates the ideological anchors of the project: social culture, community, education and innovation. We look forward to the natural synergies that will develop within what we call comYunity and the important social and cultural impact these partnerships will have on future generations”, said Maria Tudorică, Commercial Real Estate Manager, Genesis Property.

ComYunity is the foundation of the YUNITY philosophy built on activating an ecosystem of communities where experiences relevant to both the personal and professional lives of members create a social and cultural environment in which the characters and personalities of the younger generation will be formed.

This spring, Genesis Property began the process of transforming Novo Park, a classic office park in the north of the capital, into YUNITY Park, a new expression of the office park’s future.

“We are delighted to join such a beautiful project as YUNITY Park. My colleagues and I look forward to enjoying the community that is forming in the new Genesis Property spaces. Connection, good ideas, and creativity will be right at home, as will we. We hope the new Bookster office will support us in furthering our mission to inspire people to discover their dreams and achieve them through reading. For us, this space is certainly a dream come true”, said Teodora Rădulescu, CEO Bookster (photo).

The new YUNITY Park involves both the metamorphosis of a static space previously reserved for parking into a vibrant public space with a 7,500 sqm green area, walkways and an amphitheater, and the conversion of an existing building into a hub with new functionalities, including co-living, co-working spaces and a 4,000 sqm food court. These transformations reflect a keen concern for sustainability, implementing good practices of the circular economy by adapting existing buildings, and reintegrating nature into the urban space. The project will be completed in the first months of 2023, with a total investment of €50 million.


About Bookster


Bookster is the first platform that brings books closer to people and inspires them to develop personally and professionally through reading. From 2013 to today, Bookster has become the most loved benefit in over 1,200 companies in Romania with a score of +95 points for the Net Promoter Score indicator, which shows the extent to which users of a service are also its promoters. Thus, every week, almost 15,000 books arrive on the desks of employees in Romania. Every day the platform’s shelves are enriched with new titles, articles, speeches and interviews in various fields to cover as much of the readers’ interests as possible.

Within a cool and trusted community, Bookster’s approximately 130,000 subscribers have access to the world’s top books and enjoy personalized recommendations, promptness and accessibility. Other companies that love Bookster include Banca Transilvania, Kaufland and Accenture.


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