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November 29, 2022

Firea: Government to pay RON 15,000 for IVN procedures

The Romanian government will pay RON 15,000 for in vitro fertilisation (IVF) procedures, and applications can be submitted online from December 5, according to Minister of Family, Youth and Equal Opportunities Gabriela Firea.

The statements were made on Tuesday at the Government House at the signing of a joint order approving rules for the application of a social programme of national interest in support of couples and singles to boost birth rates.

Firea drew attention to the fact that in Romania one out in five couples faces infertility. At the same time, because of financial constraints, not all couples have the opportunity to follow an adequate treatment, the cost of which is approximately EUR 3,000.

She added that for that reason, the leaders of the ruling coalition decided to extend nationwide a programme for subisdising IVF procedures applied by Bucharest City that led to 560 children being born.

Firea gave assurances that the programme will have “sufficient funding” next year.

“I can assure all the ladies who are looking at us and who fear that the money will run out that that will not happen and we have all made a commitment to you to extend the project countrywide, not just for Bucharest, as it was two years ago.”

Firea added that three attempts per year will be accepted, with subsidies running to RON 15,000 payable in two installments: a RON-500 voucher for treatment and a RON-10,000 voucher for embryo transfer.

Also attending the signing ceremony, Minister of Labour and Social Solidarity Marius Budai said that under a decision of 2019, people who want to follow this procedure get three days of additional paid leave.


PM Ciuca: Government has responsibility to find solutions to ensure the increase of birth rate in Romania


The government has the responsibility to find solutions to ensure the conditions for facilitating the increase in the birth rate in Romania and has the financial resources to implement programmes in this sense, stated Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca.

The head of the Executive participated, on Tuesday, at the Victoria Palace, in the signing of the joint order regarding the approval of the norms of application of the “Social Programme of national interest to support couples and single people, to increase the birth rate” by the Minister of Family, Gabriela Firea, and the of Minister of Labour, Marius Budai.

“It is a project that has been worked on for a long time. In the “Support for Romania” package, we had this objective, and now we’re managing to get through the bureaucratic steps and succeed with the implementation of this project. This is a topic, a particularly serious problem of our times, that very much attracts the interests of us all and it’s much discussed in the public space. It is also a topic that we have assumed at the government level and we have assumed it in the sense that we consider it our responsibility to come up with solutions so that we can ensure the necessary conditions for young couples, for single people to have access to these facilities through which we can ensure the birth rate increase,” stated Nicolae Ciuca.

He added that through this programme those who wish will be able to benefit from support for entering the in vitro fertilization programmes.

“It is a measure that the Minister supported, that we supported, and, from here on, it is only a matter of time and coordination for it to be effectively applied and for everyone to benefit all those who has long been waiting for this measure to be regulated,” stated Ciuca.

The Prime Minister underscored that the government has the necessary resources for the implementation of such programmes.

“We have to enjoy the fact that we have what we need, we have the financial resources. We had and are benefiting from the effects of the economic measures that were taken at the level of the government so that the state budget can dispose of the financial resources needed to support such projects,” said Ciuca.

On the same occasion, the PM recalled other measures taken by the Executive in support of young families.

“Not long ago we made the decision and the process of building nurseries has already started. There are 124 nurseries that are part of the construction programme throughout the country. We are also discussing ensuring the conditions for early education for young couples and, this way, it is a programme through which we can ensure the construction of 150 day care centres, a programme worth 50 million euros. And, of course, there are the other measures that we have undertaken and we make sure that they will be put into practice,” stated Ciuca.


Compiled from Agerpres

Photo: www.gov.ro

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