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November 29, 2022

Spokeswoman Lungescu: NATO foreign ministers’ reunion in Bucharest next week sends a message related to preserving the Alliance’s unity

The foreign ministers’ reunion in Bucharest next week sends a message related to the preservation of the unity of the North Atlantic Alliance, NATO spokeswoman Oana Lungescu said on Tuesday.

“What we saw throughout this crisis was that the allies stood together like never before. There was an extremely close unity between the allies and I think that was an unexpected thing for Russia. (Russia) thought that we will collapse, that everyone will go their own way. I have not seen anything like this. Even in these difficult times, people have stayed together because they have realized what the stakes are. I am not saying it is easy. I think ministerial meetings like the one in Bucharest are an important platform and an opportunity,” Oana Lungescu said, according to Agerpres.

According to her, “the situation in Ukraine, but also the global situation in the Black Sea region, security concerns in the entire Euro-Atlantic region will be the priorities of the Bucharest reunion’s agenda”.

Lungescu added that, in this context, there will be discussions related to future support for Ukraine.

“It is clear that this conflict will last longer and that we must continue to support Ukraine for a long time,” Oana Lungescu pointed out.

It is the first time in history that the Republic of Moldova is invited in this format.

“The support for the Republic of Moldova is largely related to the defense institutions and armed forces. We are also talking about long-term support for reforms, about the alignment of the Moldovan armed forces with Western NATO standards. This type of aid was intensified after the Madrid summit and it will continue. It is a partnership that depends on the requests of the partner, here, the Republic of Moldova. It is not something that we, NATO, impose. Everything we do is adapted to our partners, to their requirements,” the NATO spokeswoman said.

According to some NATO officials, on the first day of the Bucharest reunion, on 29 November, a session will be organized that will address the war between Russia and Ukraine, followed by an informal dinner, where the Minister of Foreign Affairs from Kyiv, Dmitro Kuleba, is invited. This is an opportunity for the Ukrainian official to detail the situation in his country.

On 30 November, a discussion of the allied ministers with the representatives of Finland and Sweden is scheduled. There will also be a session dedicated to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia and Moldova, an opportunity for the allied countries to make additional commitments to these partners, in the form of tailored aid packages.


Photo: www.nato.int

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