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March 27, 2023

The Opening of Korea Corner at University of Bucharest and Award for Contribution to Hangeul (Korean Language) Development

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Romania and Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures (FLLS) of the University of Bucharest, together with the support of Korea Foundation, held the opening ceremony of the ‘Korea Corner’ in the Bucharest University on  23 November 2022, with the attendance of His Excellency Rim Kap-soo, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Romania, Prof. Sorin Costreie, University of Bucharest Vice-Rector for University Networks and Public Relations, alongside FLLS Staff and students.

The Korea Corner is a Korean culture atelier provided by the Korean government in the universities and libraries abroad and aims to enhance people’s interest in and understanding of Korea. The Korea Corner, which opened in the University of Bucharest, is the second one in Romania, next to the Korea Corner established in 2021 at the Romanian-American University (RAU). The venue provides books on Korean language and studies, media devices and facilities to serve as a basis for students majoring Korean language and literature to further develop their ability and skills and also share Korean culture with students in other departments.

“The FLLS’  Korean language and literatures program has contributed greatly to the visibility of the Korea in Romania and its outstanding young students who serve as messengers of Korean culture. They actively contribute to the development of the relations between our two countries. The opening of the Korea Corner in Bucharest University stands as proof of the Korean government’s recognition of the efforts and achievements of this Faculty and its students.”, said Ambassador Rim Kap-soo.

“The concept of Korea Corner refers to setting up a space dedicated to Korean culture in institutions such as universities, schools, libraries and museums. The Korea Corner in Bucharest University will become a heart of educational and cultural cooperation between the two countries”, said Diana Yüksel, Professor of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures (FLLS).

On the occasion of the opening ceremony, Ambassador Rim, on behalf of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea, awarded Professor Diana Yüksel the ‘2022 Award for Contribution to Hangeul (Korean Language) Development’.  Her contribution on raising the level of understanding of Korean literature including translation of five Korean works and developing Korean major was highly recognized.


About the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Romania


The Embassy of the Republic of Korea was established in Bucharest in June, 1990. It exists for the benefit of both the Republic of Korea and Romania, and the people of our two countries. Thus, the Embassy has been strengthening bilateral cooperation in various fields such as politics, economy, culture, education, science and international cooperation.


About FLLS Korean Language and Literature Department of Bucharest University


The Korean Language and Literature Section was the first of its kind established in Romania in 2005. The Korean Language and Literature program at FLLS is available at UB for both undergraduate and graduate studies through the Master of East Asian Studies. The aim of these educational programmes is to develop students’ language skills and acquire theoretical knowledge that can form the basis for further and more in-depth studies in the Master’s School.










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