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February 7, 2023

KLG Europe Romania: Simplify is investing over 1 million euros in automation and digitalisation solutions, and new sustainable initiatives

  • The investments were made exclusively from KLG Romania funds

 Simplify, the business ecosystem for online shops, announces a new series of investments, with a total value of over 1 million euros. Amongst the targeted areas are automatisation and digitalisation. Recently, new logistics process automation systems were implemented, and conveyors and other equipment were purchased to improve the efficiency of online store order preparation operations. Dasstec, a manufacturer of innovative IoT-based automation solutions, implemented the Simplify warehouse’s new systems and functionalities.

The investments in digitalisation and automation come up to 700,000 euros and were fully funded by the company. As a result, KLG Romania invested in a digital platform for customers, that provides online stores with easy access to information about all types of transportation, order traceability, financial aspects, and goods storage information.

Online stores benefit from a shorter pick-up time and order preparation by implementing new process automation systems such as conveyors, elevators for platform floors, the addition of validation points, and the VoCoVo communication system that facilitates order preparation. Thus, Simplify’s lead time can be decreased until the 30 minutes margin and the current processing capacity increases to approximately 9,000 orders per day, contributing to the improvement and reduction of delivery times to the end customer.

“We are currently the only 3PL provider in Romania that offers integrated e-fulfilment services and has invested in such a solution for automating logistics flows from the warehouse, exclusively for the e-commerce segment, through the Simplify service. We are pleased that the entire development and implementation of this solution were completed in collaboration with our partners Dasstec and Crosspoint. The project will involve several development phases, such as the integration of ready order sorting systems or the development of the box transport system, via product selection functionalities from the platform with light signals. Our goal is to provide online stores with shorter and shorter processing times, so we are currently identifying other automation processes and other types of preparation that are much more efficient, with a focus on launching new services such as drop shipping.” declares Carmen Vasilescu, Logistics Director.

“Our mission is to constantly develop solutions aimed at simplifying and making the logistics area inside warehouses more efficient. Dasstec has worked with Simplify by KLG from the beginning of the automation concept modelling until the GoLive stage, and we are pleased that together we were able to develop an innovative customized solution that will contribute to the improvement of all logistics chain operations,” adds Dragoș Șerban, Business Developer & Co-Owner Dasstec.

 Another recent investment made by the company come up to 350,000 euros and represents the implementation of new green systems to help reduce CO2 emissions. As a result, new solar panels were installed on the roof of the main logistics space in Bolintin-Deal, covering approximately 40% of the energy consumed annually and the equivalent of planting 1,600 trees.

Currently, the number of orders processed by Simplify is over 30,000 per month. Clients include companies such as Sneaker Industry, Fashion Lifestyle & Distribution, Sport Couture, GBB, and Senses. Since the beginning of the year, Simplify’s customer portfolio has grown by 15%, with customers benefiting from the entire business ecosystem: from transportation for supply to all aspects of logistics – product reception, storage, value-added services (packages types such as bundle, special packaging, labelling or relabelling), order preparation, and return logistics.




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