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February 3, 2023

Geoana: Decisions to provide military equipment to Ukraine belong to NATO countries and partners

The decisions to grant military equipment to Ukraine belong to NATO countries and NATO partners, said, on Wednesday, in Bucharest, the deputy secretary general of the North Atlantic Alliance, Mircea Geoana.

He spoke, in a press briefing at the end of the Meeting of Heads of Diplomacy from NATO member countries, about the need to synchronize air defense systems with the reconstruction of Ukraine’s energy system.

“For the first time in Bucharest, there was also a meeting in the G7+ format, where we found formulas for synchronizing the anti-missile defense system that we have to give to Ukraine and the effort to repair and rebuild Ukraine’s energy system,” Geoana pointed out.

He emphasized that the military, economic, energy, humanitarian support for Ukraine “will continue in a sustained and coherent manner, both within NATO and in the relationship with the G7 and the European Union”.

Mircea Geoana reiterated that the decisions to supply arms to Ukraine are national decisions.

“That’s why, at NATO, we don’t have this policy of telling an ally or not what and how to give. Everyone organizes themselves in the Ramstein process, which is already very well known. When I spoke with minister (Dmytro, ed. n.) Kuleba, I didn’t talk about a certain type of anti-aircraft defense system, but I talked about the need to have a defense as coherent as possible, as comprehensive as possible, but also synchronized with the effort to rebuild the energy system. It is very, very important. In order to have and offer Ukraine high-performance, modern, Western anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense systems, but made and distributed in such a way that the reconstruction of the energy system is synchronized with this protection,” added the Deputy Secretary General of NATO.

He also spoke about the current security situation.

“Russia’s divorce, through this barbaric war, from European civilization I think represented for all of us, regardless of geography, throughout Europe, a brutal awakening to reality. Russia is a dangerous and unpredictable player and I think that every country, in a sovereign and democratic way, draws its own conclusions of a strategic and political nature,” Mircea Geoana pointed out.


I am convinced battle group in Romania to reach brigade level


Deputy Secretary General of NATO, Mircea Geoana, declared himself convinced, on Wednesday, that the allied battle group in Romania will reach the brigade level and is confident that, until the NATO summit in Vilnius this year future, our country and the countries on the Eastern Flank will have “additional elements to reconfirm that no square centimeter of allied territory is left out of protection”.

“It is a meeting of foreign ministers, it is obviously a mainly political discussion, but it is very, very clear that we are in the process of implementing the decisions of Madrid. There, our leaders decided that defense and deterrence on the Eastern Flank, including in Romania, they will be taken to the next level. What does the next level mean? It means that it can be reached and I am convinced that Romania will reach the brigade level. We thank France and the countries participating in the Romanian battle group for this effort. Also, we observe how the American ally continues to be present in Romania bilaterally and in NATO,” said the NATO official, in a press briefing.

He spoke of the actions aimed at defense and deterrence on the Eastern Flank.

“We are talking about defense and deterrence in Romania and on the Eastern Flank, across all military domains – land, air, maritime, space and cyber, we are talking about additional elements of information and intelligence, we are talking about the lessons learned from the war in Ukraine. therefore, I am extremely confident that Romania and the countries on the Eastern Flank will have additional elements from here to Vilnius to reconfirm that no square centimeter of the allied territory is left outside the protection of NATO”, Geoana also declared.

The Deputy General Secretary of NATO emphasized that the organization, in Bucharest, of the NATO Foreign Ministerial is a signal for our country as an ally-anchor on the Eastern Flank, but also for the relevance of the Black Sea in the NATO Security Concept.

“The Black Sea is in an extremely complex situation. Russian aggression against Ukraine is also taking place here, from here many other threats to the Middle East, to other areas that are of interest to the entire alliance, originate from Ukraine, Crimea and the occupied territories. The Black Sea is important for the littoral countries in NATO, but it is important for the entire alliance. (…) We are taking all measures in all areas to be able to ensure security and defense in the Black Sea area, which remains an extremely tense area and where defense, deterrence, support for Ukraine and avoiding the risk of escalation must go in parallel, and I want to assure you that we, the political leaders of the alliance, as well as General Cavoli, who was present here in Bucharest – the supreme allied commander – , he was extremely attentive to what the allies said and the allies said – mainly through the Black Sea allies, Romania in the first place – that it is necessary that zo for the Black Sea to have everything that means elements of defense and deterrence, which will allow us to do our duty”, said Mircea Geoana.


Compiled from Agerpres

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