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January 27, 2023

BDO Romania announces the official launch of BDO Hivetech, the company’s Digital Solutions division

BDO Romania, one of the largest consulting and auditing companies in the country, announces the launch of BDO Hivetech, a business intelligence division that provides companies in Romania with solutions for optimizing financial and operational information flows in order to streamline and increase the quality of internal processes and provide support in strategic decision-making.

The new division is coordinated by Stelian Uzunia, Managing Director BDO Hivetech, and Silviu Manolescu, Senior Partner BDO Romania.

BDO Hivetech is a technology and data management layer in a secure environment, which leverages BDO’s 30+ years of consulting and auditing expertise in Romania. Hivetech brings a set of digital models that map available data in real-time to current or strategic decisions of the organization, by transforming financial and operational data into relevant information to make business decisions more quickly.

“BDO Hivetech is our answer to the need for digital transformation, which is on the agenda of all actors in the Romanian business landscape, and one of our competitive advantages is the very short implementation time of the solutions. We deliver any solution from our portfolio, turnkey, in timeframes of weeks. The differentiating element of our models is that they use technology to amplify our 30 years of experience in consulting and auditing, providing the user with a complete perspective that does not require additional processing to support business decisions. In other words, we start where others stop,” says Stelian Uzunia, Managing Director of BDO Hivetech.

The solutions developed by BDO Hivetech use the latest trends in the digital world (data analytics, robot process automation, or machine learning) enriched with the consulting experience accumulated by the specialists of BDO Romania, who in their 30 years of activity have served over 3,500 entities operating on the Romanian market.

“One of the available solutions, the Business Benchmarking Machine, a platform with powerful analytical capabilities, generates standard or user-defined reports through an interface that provides quick and comprehensive insights into the financial status and trends manifested over the past 7 years. For more than 200 thousand entities registered in Romania, representing over 93% of the turnover at the national level, it highlights the evolution in 2020 and 2021 compared to 2015-2019 at individual or aggregate level.”, underlines Stelian Uzunia, Managing Director BDO Hivetech.

The BDO Hivetech solution set addresses the needs of entities in various stages of development and business areas.

“BDO Hivetech solutions meet the needs of both large, far-reaching companies and those that are in the process of growth, offering them benefits in streamlining their business strategies. The available analyses bring a very valuable contribution, in particular in structuring annual strategies, M&A, benchmarking analyses by industries, and analysis of their own portfolios of business partners (customers, suppliers). Likewise, start-ups will find in BDO Hivetech solutions through which the specific characteristics of the market they could serve can be identified, as well as essential details regarding the competitive environment.”, adds Gabriel Pătru, Brand Development Director, BDO Hivetech.

Aimed at investors, entrepreneurs, board members, CEO, CFO, Sales Director, etc., BDO Hivetech’s solutions, based on both public data and existing data in an organization, provide relevant information for decision-making.



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