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February 6, 2023

“Answer wholeheartedly to lonely seniors!” – a campaign to support seniors in difficult situations

The Margareta of Romania Royal Foundation invites companies and individuals to join efforts to support the urgent needs of the elderly

The Margareta of Romania Royal Foundation is launching the Aid Campaign for Romania’s elderly, in support of seniors in difficult life situations during the Holidays and throughout the upcoming year. Up to 5000 elderly people will benefit from material aid, as well as practical and emotional support through the Special Fund for the Elderly program, financed by donations. Under the slogan Answer wholeheartedly to lonely seniors!, business people and company managers are invited to join efforts to support the urgent needs of the elderly by directing 20% of their corporate income tax in 2022 to the Foundation for this program and redirecting the unused tax in 2021 by filing the Form 177.


When the phone stops ringing


Many of the elderly near us, often regarded as invisible to the active population, live real dramas, affected by the loss of their loved ones, helplessness, material lacks, illnesses or isolation. Reaching an old age, without help, they wait for days for someone to come to their doorstep or for the phone to ring just to hear a voice. For them, social and counseling services, as well as community support, are essential for a dignified life and relief from loneliness.

With a population that has more than 3.8 million elderly people, of whom about 1 million live alone, and more than 700,000 elders, who are retired, have to live with a monthly income below 1,000 lei, there seems to be a discouraging future for this important segment of society.


Associations and volunteers mobilized by the Foundation


Through the generosity of corporate and individual donors, the Margareta of Romania Royal Foundation has helped over 4000 seniors so far this year, and has provided grants to over 30 NGOs in Romania which, through local social services, have responded to the various needs of elders in their communities.

Because the number of those in need and seeking help is constantly increasing, the Margareta of Romania Royal Foundation aims to help up to 5000 seniors next year, through its own social projects and social partners. To support the urgent needs of the elderly, the Foundation assists a network of social services active in various communities and mobilizes dozens of volunteers. For 2023, the Foundation aims to expands its social projects to new geographical areas and launch new services.

The Special Fund for the Elderly was launched by the Margareta of Romania Royal Foundation in March 2020 as an emergency fund to serve the urgent needs of the elderly in Romania and to manage the social isolation caused by COVID-19. The fund now comes to support seniors in any part of the country, especially those affected by loneliness, physical immobility, poor health, poverty or social exclusion, and difficult living situations.

More than 12,000 seniors in Romania have been helped by the Foundation so far, by covering various needs, such as: material help – social vouchers, sanitary or paramedical materials, necessities, practical support – care or housekeeping at home, delivery of groceries or medicines at home, social counseling and referral to access support services in the community, but also emotional support, through services that alleviate loneliness or free psychological counseling.


How can companies and individuals contribute?


For older people in difficult situations, time is not an ally. The Margareta of Romania Royal Foundation wants to help around 5,000 seniors in 2023, and additional resources are needed for such support. That’s why the Foundation is appealing to companies and individuals to get involved.

Companies can direct 20% of the tax due to the state for the 2022 tax year to a social cause. They can also redirect 2021 sponsorship amounts, if the sponsorship expenditure in 2021 did not exceed the sponsorship ceiling in the 2021 tax year, by signing a sponsorship contract and submitting the Form 177 to ANAF.

Individuals can register a monthly donation on www.frmr.ro or a donation of €2 per month, by texting SINGUR to 8844.

The funds obtained will be used by the Foundation for:

– Facilitating access to urgently needed services for the elderly: home care, social canteen, day centers, or social polyclinic.

– Material aid through packages or social vouchers, for elders in the most difficult life situations

– Support and equipment for home caregivers, volunteers, and community social workers

– Involvement of seniors in voluntary activities at children’s centers, to allow them to feel useful and valued

– Creating a festive atmosphere through meals at home or meals organized for lonely seniors with volunteers

– Providing psychological counseling and emotional support to seniors with depression or anxiety


Companies wishing to contribute can download and fill in the contract(s) HERE.

Individuals can contribute with a monthly donation by accessing www.frmr.ro/donationline .


About The Margareta of Romania Royal Foundation


Founded in 1990 by Her Majesty Margareta, the Custodian of the Romanian Crown, together with her father, King Michael, the Margareta of Romania Royal Foundation is one of the few non-governmental organizations running programs dedicated to seniors in Romania. Throughout its more than 30 years of activity, with the involvement of volunteers, institutional partners, and the entire community, the Foundation has created various solutions to improve seniors’ lives, alleviate loneliness, prevent social isolation, or create opportunities for an active life. The Foundation’s programs and campaigns, such as the Network for Our Seniors, the Special Fund for the Elderly, Generations Centres, the Elderly Phone, and the ”Best Practices for a Beautiful Old Age” Conference, have restored dignity and hope to older people. More details on www.frmr.ro .


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