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February 6, 2023

Kiwi.com: More than half of Romanians want to visit Christmas markets this year

  • 8% of Romanians are planning on visiting Christmas markets this festive season
  • Most Romanians booked city-breaks for their winter holidays
  • The most popular winter destinations are cities in Italy, UK, Spain, France and Germany

Kiwi.com, a travel-tech company, shares travelling data regarding Romanian’s plans for their winter holidays. This year, with inflation on the rise, ticket prices have also gone up by 29.6% compared to the same period in 2021, coming closer to pre-pandemic levels. However, this hasn’t stopped Romanians from spending their winter holidays on the platform, as the number of bookings for the season are set to reach those of 2019.

The result of these changes is that Romanians are going on shorter vacations, with 52.7% choosing city-breaks of 1-3 days, 10.5% spending 5-6 days on vacation, 9.3% 6 or 7 days – however, 27.3% of Romanians have booked stays of at least 7 days. Earlier this year, STEM/MARK delivered a survey for Kiwi.com, according to which 38.6% of Romanians were planning to travel abroad this festive season, while 30.5% were still undecided.

According to the same survey, more than half (55.8%) of Romanians interviewed said that they were traveling abroad to visit Christmas markets, while 40.1% planned on going to spa resorts, and another 36.8% said that they will be traveling to the seaside for better weather. This is reflected in the bookings made by Romanians on the platform, with the most popular countries being Italy, the UK, Spain, France and Germany, all destinations that hold various options that cater to the needs of Romanians traveling abroad this festive season.

The most popular cities among Romanian tourists are London, Milan, Brussels, Rome and Paris, and it seems that most are planning on spending Christmas there, with the 23rd of December being the most popular departure date.

Incoming tourism is also on the rise, with Romanians abroad coming home for the holidays, as the most booked date for incoming tourism is the 18th of December and most incoming bookings on Kiwi.com were made by Romanians. Of incoming travelers, over 60% plan a shorter trip of up to three days, while 27.7% will be spending over a week in Romania.

*Data analysis includes bookings made on Kiwi.com for travels during December 18th 2022 – January 8th 2023. The survey mentioned was completed by STEM/MARK for Kiwi.com, on people aged 18 – 59 from Romania and other countries in the CEE region, who have been at least twice on holiday abroad in the past 6 years


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