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February 6, 2023

Life Dental Spa analysis: About 15% of Romanians who come to visit our country for the Winter Holidays cross the threshold of a Dental Clinic

  • Prices are 4 times more affordable in Romania than in Western Europe or the US;
  • Thousands of Romanians from Spain, Italy, Germany, the UK and even the US cross the threshold of Life Dental Spa clinics in December;
  • Life Dental Spa’s business will double this year to more than EUR 8 million.

 Approximately 15% of Romanians who return to the country during the winter holidays visit a dental clinic at least once for treatment or a simple specialist consultation, according to an analysis of Life Dental Spa, one of the most dynamic dental clinic networks in Romania, which specialises in pain-free, state-of-the-art laser treatments.

According to Life Dental Spa data, prices for dental services in Romania are up to 75% more affordable than in the West, and interest in medical tourism has grown steadily year on year.

„More than two years after the outbreak of the pandemic, medical tourism is again a successful practice in Romania and we expect a record number of patients, both in our clinics and in the market. It is a fact that dental services are much more expensive in the West, so Romanians return to the country during the winter holidays with a dual purpose – both to have dental problems fixed or a simple routine annual check-up, and to spend time with loved ones. We have thousands of patients with pre-arranged appointments, who live and work abroad, and who plan their schedules so that they can pay us a visit”, stated Cristina Obreja, MD – dental laser specialist and founder of Life Dental Spa.

Every year, thousands of patients from Spain, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, including the US, where dental treatments are even 4 times more expensive than in Romania, cross the threshold of Life Dental Spa clinics during the winter holidays.

„Prices for a dental implant, for example, start at 400 euros and can go up to 1,000 euros. By comparison, in both Western Europe and the US, the price of such a procedure is 4 or even 5 times higher. If we are talking about more complex procedures such as prosthetic work, treatment of periodontitis, gum disease or dental surgery, where the fees are also in the order of thousands of euros or dollars, the price difference increases significantly for treatments carried out abroad. We rely extensively on the expertise of more than 80 specialists in our 10 Life Dental Spa clinics across the country, where we perform pain-free laser treatments to the highest quality standards available in Romania today”, Cristina Obreja, MD added.

According to data from the Special Telecommunications Service, more than 100,000 Romanians entered the country during December last year, while visitors were required to fill in a digital registration form.

„Based on the scheduling during this period, interest was more than double compared to last year. As demand has increased rapidly, we have even decided to keep the clinics open on the holidays of 30 November and 1 December, when we have filled all our patients’ appointments. By the end of November, more than 30,000 patients had crossed the threshold of our ten Life Dental Spa clinics and in December alone we expect over 3,000 people to visit us. This will also be reflected in our business, which over the course of this year will double from 4 million euros in 2021 to over 8 million euros in 2022”, Cristina Obreja, MD stated.





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