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January 26, 2023

Parliament adopts Declaration on consolidation of equal opportunities in Romania

Parliament adopted in a joint plenary meeting on Monday a declaration encouraging the full and equal participation of women in Romania in the development, funding and implementing of relevant programmes, initiatives and public policies.

The declaration was adopted by 235 to 24 votes and five abstentions; three MP didn’t vote.

The text of the declaration points out the need to enforce a legal framework promoting equal access to the mandates of political representation or the professional responsibilities and management positions and the elimination of all forms of gender inequality, such as violence against women and girls, early and forced marriage, the absence of fairness in the employment process and pay difference between men and women or the unequal participation in making private and public decisions.

Furthermore, Parliament hails the initiatives for setting a opportunity representation quota on the rolls of candidates in the local, parliamentary and European Parliament elections, finding as opportune the intensification of efforts for ensuring a real parity for the eligible positions for women at a local, national and European level.

At the same time, all political and institutional actors are urged to contribute to the significant participation of women in all activity areas and in all decision levels.

Parliament endorses interinstitutional dialogue on gender sensitive education promoting inclusion and equity, the declaration also reads.


Speaker Ciolacu: PSD is a model of equal opportunities in Romanian politics


The adoption by Parliament of a declaration on the strengthening of equal opportunities represents a sign of institutional normality and emotional health, Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Marcel Ciolacu stated on Monday, adding that the Social Democratic Party (PSD) is a model in this area in Romanian politics.

“I am happy to participate today in the writing of a new page of history for women of Romania. I welcome the adoption, today, by the Romanian Parliament of this declaration. It is a sign of institutional normality and emotional health of a society that is still much too tributary to patriarchal attitudes It’s a sign of normality which we should have shown a very long time ago,” Ciolacu stated in the joint meeting of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies.

“Today, I look into the eyes of the 29 female deputies and eight female senators from the PSD only. I say to them that I follow their activity, admire them and that I am proud of them, just as I am equally proud of the 78 PSD female mayors and 2,587 PSD local councilor ladies. In terms of representation, they honor us, those belonging to the PSD. Today, the PSD is a model and spearhead of equal opportunities in Romanian politics. These ladies were not positively discriminated against, as some say, or spared, as others say. These ladies participated in the elections, in most cases alongside male counter-candidates, these ladies were elected by Romanians due to the work they put in, due to the power they proved, due to the results they achieved,” the Social Democrat leader stated, according to Agerpres.

According to him, the introduction of gender quotas in a political or any kind of organization or in a company is not a sign of positive discrimination and he advocated for a much broader approach to policies related to equal opportunities in order to combat gender discrimination.

“From my point of view, education has an essential role in overcoming any form of discrimination, education is essential in building a fairer society in which each person is treated according to their own qualities, studies, performances and not according to the gender they belong to,” the Chamber of Deputies Speaker added.

Ciolacu expressed his respect for his female colleagues from the party and Parliament, about whom he said they are often “more tenacious and more organized than men.”

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