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January 27, 2023

Undelucram.ro: The average net salaries in the banking sector have increased in the last four years by between 4% and 46%

The salaries for credit analysts increased the most 

The average net salaries for the most sought-after jobs in banking increased by between 4% and 46% between 2018 and 2022, according to data from Undelucram.ro, the largest online community of employees in Romania. The minimum increase was for financial analysts and the maximum for credit analysis specialists.

The most sought-after jobs in banking are: financial analyst, relationship manager, branch manager, loan officer/credit analyst and banking services consultant.

Salaries for these positions range from 3,300 to 7,000 lei, while in 2018, they were between 2,310 and 5,470 lei.

The average salary values for the five most sought-after banking jobs are according to data provided by employees in Romania who wrote anonymously on the Undelucram.ro platform, the only one in our country that provides statistics based on reviews from employees in the market.


Average net salary for the most sought-after banking jobs in 2022:

  • Financial analyst – 4,900 lei (+ 4% vs. 2018)
  • Relationship manager – 4,750 lei (+ 37% vs. 2018)
  • Branch manager – 7,000 lei (+ 28% vs. 2018)
  • Loan officer/credit analyst – 3,640 lei (+46% vs. 2018)
  • Banking services consultant – 3,300 lei (+ 43% vs. 2018)


Average net salary for the most sought-after banking jobs in 2018:

Financial analyst – 4,710 lei

Relationship manager – 3,460 lei

Branch manager – 5,470 lei

Loan analyst/credit analyst – 2,490 lei

Banking services consultant – 2 310 lei

“We see that the lowest salaries in banking are also the ones that have seen the highest increases in the industry, which is an important step towards balance. On the other hand, we believe that an increase of only 4% in four years in financial analysis positions may demotivate candidates. We hope that this data will provide more transparency, clarity and insight for both employers to make the right decisions regarding salaries and for candidates to make more informed career steps”, says Costin Tudor, founder and CEO of Undelucram.ro.

Undelucram.ro users communicate their salaries transparently and openly within the platform.

Salary Report is a comprehensive tool for HR specialists made with the help of a team of human moderators who analyze the data provided by employees together with an Artificial Intelligence algorithm that excludes irrelevant data.

The Undelucram.ro Salary Report product contains the following additional data:


  • Top extra salary benefits received;
  • Salaries according to the level of experience: <2 years, 2-5 years, >5 years;
  • Salaries according to gender;
  • Salaries depending by location.


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