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February 6, 2023

Vestinda launched a crypto trading algorithm in collaboration with professional trader Alex Hobincu

In a down market, the algorithm brought users a 14% profit

Vestinda, the Romanian marketplace dedicated to automated investments, launched a new means of automatic trading, a crypto trading algorithm. The startup, which connects investors, traders and brokers, has announced its first collaboration with a professional trader to build an automated trading algorithm based on years of experience and technology.

Vestinda is a technology platform that facilitates access to proven strategies, automation and investment management tools in crypto so that anyone can build an efficient and diversified portfolio without requiring programming knowledge.

Together with Alexandru Hobincu, Vestinda launched the first trading algorithm built by the platform in partnership with a professional Romanian trader, demonstrating the advantages of combining the knowledge of expert traders with the power of technology.Through such partnerships, Vestinda offers technology through which professional traders can build their trading algorithms and then investors with less knowledge in the field can access them in just a few clicks. The algorithm created by Alexandru Hobincu in the Vestinda platform uses models and price action strategies that follow institutional patterns. Thus, it gives retail investors access to the market in the same way that Wall Street traders or investment banks do.

Hobincu created the algorithm using the no-code Vestinda platform, utilising custom indicators and price action based on years of experience teaching trading courses to thousands of students.


  • years of experience are put into advanced algorithms to automate trading based on each asset’s specific market structure
  • uses price levels and order blocks to determine where institutional traders enter and exit the market
  • it determines whether a market is bullish or bearish based on how the big players are trading a specific asset
  • has an excellent risk-reward ratio and plays the safer trades, with an 80% winning rate
  • backtesting has been done for thousands of years to determine the right parameters


Less than two months after the partnership’s launch, in a declining market, the algorithm brought users in the community a profit of 14%, and the company registered a 60% increase in the number of users.

“The partnership with Alexandru Hobincu brings us closer to our vision. An important part of Vestinda’s mission is to automate the entire process of creating an investment portfolio. Technology is one of the key elements to make this possible. Advanced knowledge of investments, constant monitoring and updating of algorithms by experts according to market conditions are components that differentiate us from the rest of the market. And at a time when we have a global recession, Alexandru’s trading experience protects and increases our users’ portfolios”, said Alin Breaban, co-founder and CEO of Vestinda.

“Disappointment with the existing products on the market in terms of automated transactions made me look for a solution to fulfil this dream. My experience was based solely on price action, which trading bots do not do, they work solely on indicators. The fact that Vestinda was able to translate my price action idea into an automated and independent system is fabulous. I think it’s a long-term and really successful collaboration.” – Alexandru Hobincu, professional trader.

 For 2023, the company aims to continue partnerships with expert traders, both from Romania and internationally, to offer beginner investors access to quality algorithms, scale the technology to allow the creation of complete portfolios for diversification and seek to expand into traditional asset markets.



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