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January 27, 2023

President Iohannis, at the 30th anniversary since the establishment of the STS: STS made constant effort to synchronize with the fast pace of technology development

The Special Telecommunications Service (STS) made constant efforts so that the development of its capabilities synchronize with the fast pace of technology development, in accordance with the operation and modernization needs of the Romanian state, President Klaus Iohannis stated on Tuesday, at the 30th anniversary since the establishment of the STS.

The head of state showed that, after 30 years, the STS is known as the main provider of quality communication and information technology networks, systems and services for the authorities of the Romanian state, having a proven and recognized valuable experience, including at international level.

“The creation and completion of the ‘Disaster recovery and business continuity Data Center’ and “the Essential Services Center of Communication and Information Technology,’ as well as the involvement in implementing Romania’s Government Cloud infrastructure guarantees the observance of some high standards of security, absolutely necessary in multiple crisis moments, as we currently have. Annually, operators of the Special Telecommunication Service within the 112 Emergency Service take millions of citizens’ calls, in order to put them in touch with specialized intervention institutions that they need – Ambulance, Police, Emergency Situations Inspectorate-SMURD [Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication], Gendarmerie or Salvamont,” the President explained.

Klaus Iohannis brought to mind that, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the STS specialists got involved in creating some technical solutions and information applications which helped medical authorities to better manage the sanitary crisis.

Moreover, Iohannis added that the STS contributed to the digitization of fiscal, medical and judiciary services, as well as to the creation of some important information systems put at the disposal of the Education Ministry, designed for the management of schooling processes.

Currently, the President conveyed that regional and Euro-Atlantic security was fundamentally affected this year by Russia’s illegal and unjustified aggression against Ukraine.

“In this complicated context, it is up to you to make a serious assessment of your own role in increasing national resilience, taking into account the diverse spectrum of risks and conventional and non-conventional threats that propagate globally and are felt by the entire international system. In this regard, it is essential to pay due attention to the training and preparation of young people, to invest in their education. I am convinced that, upon graduation, some of the students passionate about communications and information technology will choose to contribute to the digitization of public administration and that some of them will choose a career in the Special Telecommunications Service,” President Iohannis also stated.


PM Ciuca: Special Telecommunications Service is an essential component of the communication, information technology sector


The Special Telecommunications Service has become an essential component of the communications and information technology sector in Romania, managing, in its 30 years of activity, to adapt and adequately respond to the technological and security challenges generated by the accelerated transformation of our society, stated Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca.

The Head of the Executive participated, on Tuesday, together with President Klaus Iohannis and the interim President of the Senate, Alina Gorghiu, in the ceremony dedicated to the Day of the Special Telecommunications Service, on the 30th anniversary of the activity of this institution in the field of communications and state information technology.

“Today we are participating in a special moment for an institution that offers absolutely safe communications and information technology services at the level of the Romanian state. (…) The Special Telecommunications Service has offered for 30 years the newest and most complex systems and solutions of communications intended for the state, managing to keep pace with each technological stage. This path involved the adaptation of the institution’s services to the global technological progress, to the permanent reconfigurations and to the integration of Romania’s strategic objectives as a member state of the EU and NATO. (…) You adapted, anticipated and adequately responded to the technological and security challenges generated by the accelerated transformation of the society and became an essential component of the communications and information technology sector in our country,” stated Nicolae Ciuca.

He added that STS currently manages an ultramodern and resilient infrastructure, based on investments in technology and in the training of engineers and specialists within the institution, who have proven their value in many situations.

At the same time, Ciuca pointed out the role played by STS during the COVID 19 pandemic.

He also mentioned the collaboration between the STS and the relevant ministries, which facilitates the attraction of funds under the PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan), as well as the opening towards the goal of digitizing the public administration in Romania.

The Prime Minister also addressed the decisive role played by the STS in coordinating the state’s response actions and ensuring the entire communication system for the border authorities, in the context of Russia’s large scale war against Ukraine.

According to the head of Executive, the priorities for the next period remain those related to the resizing of the national state communications system, according to international quality requirements, and the creation of the necessary infrastructure that will host the government cloud and the electronic services that citizens need.

The PM congratulated the STS specialists for their work and urged them to maintain the same high standards of competence and performance.


Compiled from Agerpres

Photo: www.presidency.ro

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