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February 3, 2023

Iasi City Mayor Chirica, placed under 60-day judicial control

Mayor Mihai Chirica was placed by the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) prosecutors under judicial control for a period of 60 days, after the hearing in a file in which several employees of the Iasi City Hall are being investigated regarding the authorization of some constructions.

“The 2020 criminal case of Mr. Zamosteanu (a businessman from Iasi, ed. n.) was extended. Of course, also on issues related to urban planning, the same curse that has been following the situation in Iasi for a long time. I was given the status of suspect and after that the defendant in this case. I will have to interact less with the Department of Urbanism and those who operate in the area. Otherwise, I will exercise my (function, ed. n.) and we will meet tomorrow at the office,” declared the mayor Mihai Chirica, after he left the hearings.

The mayor added that during the period in which he is under judicial control, he will delegate his duties. He also announced that he will challenge in court the decision of the prosecutors to place him under judicial control.

“There is some disappointment, from this perspective, because it’s not exactly the way it’s being talked about. This will be proven later in the court. It’s tiring and a little too much stress for this situation,” the mayor also declared, according to Agerpres.

According to his lawyer, Mihai Chirica is being investigated for eight documents related to urban planning, seven deeds of abuse of office and one of usurpation.

Prior to the hearings at the DIICOT headquarters, which lasted almost four hours, the mayor spent another eight hours at the Iasi County Police Inspectorate.

DIICOT Iasi prosecutors and the Brigade for Combating Organized Crime (BCCO) Iasi, Suceava, Vaslui and Botosani police officers, together with fighters from the Special Actions Service (SAS) Iasi, carried out, on Wednesday, 24 searches in a case involving several crimes, including abuse of office and usurpation of office. Following the raids, 30 people were taken to hearings.

“The activities are carried out in the continuation of the investigations in the case regarding the establishment of an organized criminal group and are aimed at the authorization procedure for the execution of construction works by real estate developers who used the connections with officials from the local public administration with attributions in the field of issuing and monitoring compliance urban planning documents,” a DIICOT press release reads.

The searches took place in a case concerning the crimes of abuse of office in order to obtain an improper benefit, usurpation of office, embezzlement, money laundering, bad faith use of the company’s assets or credit for a purpose contrary to its interests, intellectual false, forgery in documents under private signature and use of forgery.

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