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February 3, 2023

Mindspace: 97% of Romanian employees consider flexibility to be very important to them

  • Two out of three top employers offer benefits related to flexibility
  • 98% of employers claim that flexible working hours are one of the most desired benefits
  • 72% of employees have a flexible job

Mindspace, the global flexible office provider, announces the results of its latest survey of 1,470 employed people in Romania, Poland, the Netherlands, Germany, Israel, the UK and the US. Through this study, the company set out to find out what are the most valued benefits among employees and what they want from a workspace, as well as the latest perspectives of employers.

According to the results, flexibility remains the keyword in relation to the workplace, both from the perspective of employees and from the perspective of employers. 72% of Romanian employees surveyed say they already have a flexible job, while 97% consider flexibility to be one of the most important aspects. On the employer’s side, almost all Romanian employers (98%) consider the flexibility of working hours to be among the most valued benefits, and two out of three top employers offer flexibility either in relation to location, such as working from home or remotely, either in relation to the work schedule.

On average, Romanian respondents work from the office for 3.9 days, and 66% of them enjoy the socializing that comes with the environment. The desire to connect with colleagues is also seen in employees’ space preferences – an office in an open space remains among the top preferences. Other important elements for Romanian employees, in terms of the working space, are natural sunlight (61%), clean, smoke-free air (51%), quiet zones (46%), and ergonomic or adjustable furniture (40%).

Another interesting aspect concerns satisfaction and engagement levels. Overall, 95% of HR Managers involved in the study believe that employees are engaged in the activities they do, and 94% of them believe that employees are happy in their current workplace. On the other hand, only 49% of employees state that they are satisfied with their jobs and do not consider making changes, while 87% feel involved in their day-to-day activities.

“We hope these survey insights will empower companies to rethink their employee experience to attract and retain talent”, said Mindspace CEO and Co-founder Dan Zakai. “They clearly indicate the huge shift in how employees value flexibility at work, as well as the important role that flexible spaces have on productivity, employee wellbeing and belonging.’’

The study was run on 1.470 employed people with a wide range of ages and gender balance in Romania, Poland, the Netherlands, Germany, Israel, the UK and the US. The survey and its results were managed by OnePoll, as commissioned by Mindspace.

Mindspace opened its first location in Romania in December 2018, in the Campus A office building on the Globalworth Campus. In April 2019, it was followed by the second space, Mindspace Victoriei, located in the Bucharest Tower Center. Romanian Mindspace members are a part of a global community of over 15,000 members. Among the diverse Mindspace member base are corporations such as Shell, Samsung, Microsoft, Barclays Bank, and GoPro.




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