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January 26, 2023

Roberta Metsola addresses the plenary session of the Parliament in Bucharest: Romania to join Schengen and to do it soon

Romania will join the Schengen area and will do it so soon, the president of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, said on Monday in the joint plenary session of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies.

In the address given in the plenary session of the Parliament in Bucharest, Metsola emphasized that our country’s accession to the European free movement area “is not a gift”, but is deserved.

The head of the EU Legislature evoked the Romanian Revolution of 1989 and called for unity.

Don’t give up on Europe, don’t leave us alone, she began her speech.

Roberta Metsola praised the reaction of the Romanians who helped the Ukrainians fleeing the war. You didn’t wait for anyone to come and tell you what to do, she said. In her opinion, this reaction of the Romanians was a “demonstration of European values”.

“When scandals about the corruption of a few occupy the front pages of newspapers and television screens, to the detriment of the intense, long-term work done by the many, when promises made a long time ago seem to be ignored for the sake of narrow, petty considerations, order nationally, when those to whom the European Parliament is by its very existence a threat will invoke any of these matters to push more and more people into the comfort of the fringes and extremes. That is when we are called to lead. Now is the time to stand up and let’s show ourselves united, when it’s hard, when it would be easier to sit and be silent”, Metsola said, according to the official translation.

She said that the corruption scandals involving MEPs “would have looked more appropriate on Netflix”, and in these cases “there will be no impunity”.

The president of the European Parliament also spoke about the recent vote regarding Romania’s accession to Schengen.

“I told the leaders that this was the most disappointing course they could adopt. I think the decision to postpone was wrong. I want to say clearly – Romania is ready to join the Schengen area. You have been preparing for over a decade and I want to say even more clearly – Romania will join Schengen and will do it soon, because it is your right, because it is the right of Europe. The time when there were two Europes has passed and I am convinced that everyone will understand that soon”, she pointed out.

Metsola said that “this accession is to the advantage of all other member states, as much as Romania”.

“It is about our collective security, about equality between Europeans, about our ability to face common threats together. It is a missing piece in the mosaic that is the construction of Europe and I understand that it is our duty and responsibility to soon put this piece in its place”, added the senior European official.

Recalling the events of 1989, Metsola emphasized that “Romania went through a revolution to take its rightful place at the European table, to help a continent shape its shape and to help lead it”.

“Now, Europe is looking towards Romania for so many reasons, just as we looked towards Ukraine, when you opened your hearts and homes to so many who were fleeing the path of war”, she said.


Senate’s Alina Gorghiu: Respect for Romania in Europe must be a reality


Respect for Romania in Europe must be a reality, not just at the declarative level, said, on Monday, in the plenary session of Parliament, the acting president of the Senate, Alina Gorghiu, who added that Austria ignored, through the vote against accession to Schengen, not only the achievements of our country, but also the positions of the other EU member states.

Gorghiu addressed the plenary session of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies following that of president of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola.

“Your presence here, Roberta, in the Romanian Parliament, is a signal that, in these complicated times, solidarity, unity and cohesion continue to be the pillars of the European community. In the face of multiple crises, which have put to the test not only the quality of life, but and our collective security, Europe knew how to unite. The entire European political class, including the Romanian one, understood to have a response of solidarity! We all understand that the zero priority, now, is for European unity to function! But Romania, as a EU state must be respected by all. (…) We were responsible and proactive in defending the rights and well-being of our citizens, but we did not forget that humanity and solidarity do not end either at Romania’s borders or at the borders of the European Union,” said Alina Gorghiu.

She highlighted that Romania is a reliable partner that all European states can count on.

“For all that our people has achieved in these three decades and beyond, respect for Romania in Europe must be a reality. Not just on a declarative level! Romania is a reliable partner that all European states can count on. That is why the result of the December 8 vote in the JHA Council is completely unfair. Austria’s position is totally inadmissible. It ignored not only Romania’s achievements, but also the clear positions of the other EU member states. A constructive dialogue from now on is the key to overcoming this impasse. I say it clearly to everyone: Romania still has this national strategic goal that it will certainly achieve: joining the Schengen area! We are more determined than ever to solve this chapter as well. As soon as possible,” the acting president of the Senate said, according to Agerpres.


Compiled from Agerpres


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