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January 27, 2023

HealthMin Rafila: There are sufficient quantities of anti-COVID vaccine with new formula

The minister of Health, Alexandru Rafila, declared on Tuesday, in a press conference, that in Romania there are already sufficient quantities of vaccine adapted to the new strains of coronavirus.

“In Romania there are already sufficient quantities of vaccine with the new formula, that combined vaccine (…) based on messenger RNA for the currently circulating strains BA 4, BA 5. All people who have completed a full vaccination schedule can vaccinate with this product, people over the age of 12. We especially recommend it to people over 65 and to people who have chronic diseases. (…) Vaccination is not mandatory. Those who want the new vaccine are vaccinated with the condition that they have completed the initial vaccination schedule. (…) Vaccination can be done both at the family doctor and at the level of vaccination centers,” said Rafila.

“This vaccine has no particular adverse reactions compared to the other vaccine variants that were the basis of the primary scheme and can be administered simultaneously with other vaccines, and I am referring here, above all, to the flu vaccine,” the minister explained, according to Agerpres.


Ministry of Health considers possibility of temporarily restricting export of certain medicines


The Ministry of Health is considering the possibility of temporarily restricting the export of certain medicines, including antibiotics for children and oncology ones, minister Alexandru Rafila announced on Tuesday in a press conference.

“In the next period, together with the National Health Insurance Company, we will establish a pricing methodology, which will not lead us to the situation of the disappearance of several molecules for commercial reasons, because the products disappear due to the non-competitiveness and lack of realism of the prices for which they are sold in Romania”, explained Rafila.

The Health minister said that the problem of supplying some medicines is global.

“It is a global problem. Not only Romania is affected. (…) This year we have a recrudescence of respiratory illnesses. (…) Due to the increase in the consumption of medicines there are certain problems. Moreover, there is also pressure on production due to inflation, the costs of raw materials at the global level”, the Health minister pointed out.

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