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January 26, 2023

Moment of silence in Parliament in memory of heroes martyrs of 1989 Revolution

Senators and deputies held, on Monday, a moment of silence in memory of the heroes-martyrs of the 1989 Revolution, at the request of Save Romania Union (USR) deputy Nicu Falcoi, who believes that the file of the Revolution must be resolved.

He evoked, in the plenary session of the reunited Chambers of the Parliament, the first moments of the Revolution in Timisoara, recalling that it was there that “Down with communism!” was shouted for the first time, and that Timisoara’s voice would then encompass the whole country.

“We have said every year and we have the duty to say it every time: when we talk about the Revolution of December 1989, the truth about what happened in those days must come to light, and the victims from that time must be made official justice. The file of the Revolution must be resolved so that history records the truth (…). Our fragile and perfectable democracy was born when in the days of December 1989, thanks to some people who shouted out loud what they feel and what they think, was stronger than the fear of death, than the instinct of preservation. And no, these are not big words, what we have now, we have at the price of the blood sacrifice of the heroes-martyrs of the Revolution, a Revolution which, in its spirit, was exactly as it is written in the text of the Timisoara Proclamation, a Revolution made by the people, without the involvement of activists and security guards, an authentic revolution, and not a coup d’état, categorically anti-communist, not just anti-Ceausescu,” the USR deputy declared.

In memory of all the heroes-martyrs of Timisoara and the entire country and as a sign of gratitude and tribute for their sacrifice, he requested the plenary to observe a moment of silence.

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