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February 6, 2023

SRI declassifies internal file on 1989 Revolution

The Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) declassified the file related to the involvement of State Security Department (DSS) personnel in the events of 1989.

According to a press release from the SRI sent on Thursday, the declassified file was part of the investigations of the December 1989 Committee, established in 1991 at the level of the Senate with the aim of investigating the events in Bucharest and in the country from December 1 to 31, 1989.

“This declassification is part of the project previously announced by the SRI leadership to bring to light the entire set of documents regarding the events of 1989, in the spirit of full transparency, with the aim of providing researchers and historians with tools for knowledge about the period in question,” the cited source shows.

The director of the SRI, Eduard Hellvig, emphasized that “hundreds of families are still waiting for answers, hundreds of victims are still waiting for peace, and millions of Romanians are still waiting for this truth to close once and for all one of the most criminal chapters of Romanian communism” .

According to him, the SRI “takes another step to support or boost this national effort”, and at this moment all the documents that the institution still had in its custody regarding the 1989 Revolution are declassified and published on the Service’s website.

Hellvig added that this is “a sign that the Romanian state must shake itself and really condemn, in the full legal sense, communism”.

“And not just communism, because the former Securitate also had an important contribution to the bloody repression of the anti-communist demonstrators in December 1989. That repressive apparatus of the Romanian state at that time is reprehensible because it had as its priority the defense of the Communist Party and its leaders, it was not an intelligence service dedicated to the defense of citizens.

“The heroes we commemorate today, December 22, deserve the truth. Because they didn’t fight for abstract ideas or for different political lines,” added the head of the SRI.

The declassified file contains thirteen volumes and was created following correspondence with the December 1989 Committee of the Senate in 1991 and 1992. It includes, among other things, copies of documents drawn up by the county units from December 1989, correspondence with the Romanian Prosecutor’s Office and the December 1989 Committee 1989, correspondence with the December 1989 Committee regarding the communications to Romanian Television on December 22, 1989 and in the following days sent by the units of the former DSS.

To them are added documents related to video tapes, audio and photographic material made by former DSS units, documents related to the data held by the former special unit “R” (communications and radio interceptions), documents prepared by the SRI regarding the activity of the former DSS cadres who during the period from December 15 to 22, 1989 carried out missions, numerical statements of the cadres from the central units and territories of the former DSS, situations regarding military cadres from the former DSS who died or were injured during the Revolution, as well as copies according to documents prepared in December 1989, copies according to documents prepared by the units of the former DSS.

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