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January 26, 2023

One dead, one seriously injured, several wounded in Unirii Passage crash of coach carrying Greek tourists. Bucharest prefect: Experts say that Unirii Passage height unchanged after rehabilitation works

All patients injured in Friday’s accident in Bucharest are now stable and conscious, with the single exception of a patient who is still in intensive care. We recall one person died and another 20 were injured on Friday after a coach carrying Greek tourists crashed into a height restriction barrier at the entrance of a tunnel. All passengers had come to Romania on a Christmas holiday.

One person died and another was seriously injured following the bus accident that took place on Friday at Bucharest’s central Unirii Passage, the Ministry of Health informed.

“There were 21 injured, one is in serious condition and one died,” the ministry informed.

From the first information, it appears that the coach in which there were 47 passengers broke the height limiter located in front of the passage.

As a result of the accident, several passengers were injured, and some of them were incarcerated.

Along with the SMURD crews, 10 crews of the Bucharest Ilfov Ambulance Service intervened to provide emergency medical assistance and transported the victims to the Floreasca, Universitar, Bagdasar Arseni, Sfântul Ioan and Military hospitals, the Ministry of Health mentioned.


 Bucharest prefect: Experts say that Unirii Passage height unchanged after rehabilitation works


The Bucharest prefect, Toni Grebla, declared on Friday that he summoned experts even after the first accident occurred in Unirii Passage, after it was opened after rehabilitation, and the conclusion was that the height was not changed.

“After the first incident, (…) I summoned all those who worked on this passage, plus an independent expert. They all opined that the height of the passage remained unchanged as a result of the rehabilitation works, that these signaling barriers are at the height recommended by the designer and they are at the height they had before. (…) (Specialists) said that the height of the passage has not changed. The passage is properly rehabilitated, according to the initial plans. What else has changed.. . On top of these coaches, many builders add air conditioning installations. This is probably the cause and, beyond this cause, there is some negligence, not paying much attention to the signs,” said the prefect, for the private broadcaster B1Tv.

“As it was originally designed, after the rehabilitation, Unirii Passage continues to function like this. After each of the four incidents at Unirii Passage, expertises were carried out, the designers, the site managers, the builder came. They all opined that the pre-signaling is done properly, that on this direction of travel, beyond that bar that fell over the coach, there is a pre-signal 40-50 meters behind, which is a much lighter one, which makes a loud noise that alerts the driver with the fact that he has exceeded the gauge in terms of height. But it seems that he either bypassed that pre-signaling installation or ignored it,” Toni Grebla mentioned.

“An attempt is being made to extract the coach, after which the area will be cleaned and returned to traffic. The criminal investigation is following its course, and in the hospitals the patients who were transported there are being evaluated, their state of health will be established and those who must receive treatment next. The rest of the passengers – about 22 people – were transported to the hotel where they had booked for the stay they wanted to spend in Bucharest, which is near the accident site. When the accident happened they were going to the hotel and had a few hundred meters to there,” explained the prefect.


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