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February 6, 2023

INS: Peak month for vacations was August, and for business trips, June and May

The peak month for holiday travel was, between January and September 2022, the month of August, both for domestic travel, with 20.8%, and for external travel, with 26.5% of the total of this type of travel, the National Institute of Statistics informs.

In terms of business travel, the peak month was June for domestic travel, with 15.9%, and May for external travel, with 18.5% of the total of this type of travel, according to data centralized by the National Institute of Statistics.

The number of tourist trips made by residents in the first nine months of the year was 14,096,300, the share of vacation trips in total trips being 93.5%, for business trips and professional reasons of 1.5%, and for other reasons (religious pilgrimage, medical treatment, etc.) of 5%.

According to the INS, the preference of Romanian tourists regarding the type of accommodation during holiday trips was maintained, 48.3% of them preferring accommodation at relatives and friends. This was followed by accommodation in hotels and similar units, in the proportion of 28.3% and other accommodation units (tourist cabins, tourist guesthouses, rural guesthouses, bungalows, accommodation spaces on ships) in the proportion of 13.9%. The rest of the accommodation methods, respectively: private homes for rent (rooms and apartments for rent), holiday homes (private homes), campsites and other types of accommodation without payment were preferred by 9.5% of tourists.

During business and professional trips, 34.7% of Romanian tourists stayed in hotels and similar establishments. Other accommodation methods were used by 22.5%, with relatives and friends, by 20.1%, and in private houses for rent (rooms and apartments for rent), by 7.7%. The rest of the accommodation options: holiday homes (private homes), other accommodation units and campsites were preferred by 15.0% of the tourists participating in this type of trip.

In the proportion of 97.7% of trips for holidays abroad, the destination was European countries, the countries of the European Union representing 88.4% of the total of these trips.

The total number of overnight stays related to the trips made was 54,077,000 (91.3% representing overnight stays for vacation trips). Of the total of 49,352,300 nights registered for holidays, 83.2% were made in Romania and 16.8% abroad.

Romanian residents spent over 17.742 billion RON on vacation and business trips, of which 73% for domestic destinations, and 27% for those aimed at foreign destinations.

Of the total tourist expenses for vacation trips, 74.1% represented the expenses for trips in the country, and 25.9% for trips abroad.


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