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February 3, 2023

CNPP: 9,950 service pensions beneficiaries in December 2022

The number of beneficiaries of service pensions was, in December 2022, 9,950 (plus 36 compared to the previous month), the most, respectively 4,862, being prosecutors and judges, according to data centralized by the National Public Pension House (CNPP).

In the case of the above mentioned, the highest average service pension was also recorded, of 21,333 RON, of which 19,997 RON is the share from the state budget, and 4,215 RON from the state social insurance budget.

According to the CNPP, a number of 754 people benefited from the law on the granting of service pensions to members of the diplomatic and consular corps of Romania in December. The average pension was 5,760 RON, of which 2,798 RON from the state budget.

Regarding the beneficiaries of the law on the status of the parliamentary public servant, their number was 723 people, the average pension amounting to 4,935 RON (2,507 RON from the state budget).

According to the National Public Pensions House, 1,384 pensioners benefited from the law on the status of professional civil aeronautical personnel in civil aviation in Romania, and the average pension amounts to 11,348 RON, of which 7,534 RON are from the state budget.

Service pensions for beneficiaries from the Court of Accounts were granted to a number of 560 people, the average being 8,481 RON, of which 3,412 RON is the share from the state budget. Also, 1,667 pensioners benefited from the law on the status of specialized auxiliary staff of the courts and the Prosecutor’s Office, the average pension being 5,060 RON, of which 2,642 RON were from the state budget.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Solidarity announced eight days ago that it has finalized the draft law on the reform of service pensions, which establishes that no service pension will be able to exceed the salary received during the active period.

Also, another new element consists in increasing seniority in the specialty to a minimum of 15 years, and for justice it will be a minimum of 25 years, without assimilated periods, while the calculation base is reduced from 80% to 65% from the average net income from 12 consecutive months of activity, with the exception of magistrates, according to the decisions of the Constitutional Court.

The draft law was published in decision-making transparency on the website of the Ministry of Labor and Social Solidarity and sent for inter-ministerial approval.


Photo: www.pixabay.com

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