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January 26, 2023

PM Ciuca: Governmental activity in 2022 was not perfect, but with sufficient achievements to be opportunely used in 2023

National Liberal Party Chairman, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca, on Thursday said that the governmental activity, this year, was not “perfect,” there were not only achievements, there were also moments in which he reflected on some decisions because the situation was “as complicated as possible,” but there are “sufficient achievements,” which will be opportunely used next year.

While in Horezu on Thursday, Nicolae Ciuca laid a wreath at the bust of the former liberal prime minister I.G. Duca, at the commemoration of the 89th anniversary of his death.

On this occasion, the PNL chairman thanked all the citizens for their support and mentioned that, in this complicated year, the governmental activity was not “perfect,” but all efforts were made to find solutions to achieve the objectives up to this point.

“Being the end of the year, I want (…) to thank all Romanian citizens for the way they supported us and I use this opportunity to say as honestly as possible that we have not only had achievements. We must admit that they have there were also moments when we had to repeat a series of analyses, to come back with a series of decisions because the situation was as complicated as possible and there were countless dynamic elements that required the modification of decisions. We do not say that it was a perfect governmental activity, but I can tell you that all efforts have been made so that we can make the decisions, communicate them in a timely manner and have this line of dialogue open with all our special partners, including the citizens, in order to be able to we find the solution to come and accomplish everything we have set out to do up to this point by the end of the year. Although it has been a very complicated year, there are still enough achievements that we can hope to opportunely use for everything we have to do in the coming year,” said Ciuca.

PNL leader spoke about the personality of former prime minister I.G. Duca, noting that in Romania moments like the one in the case of the former liberal prime minister, in which “absolutely undemocratic forces led to the execution of a criminal act” must not happen again.

“I am particularly honoured to participate in this activity, through which we honour and praise the memory of the former prime minister of Romania, I.G. Duca. (…) We all have the duty that, for everything that I.G. Duca’s personality represented, let’s keep his memory alive and at the same time keep alive the deeds he did for Romania at that time. (…) Moments through which absolutely undemocratic forces led to the execution of a criminal act against the prime minister of the country in particularly difficult times, it must not happen in our country,” said Nicolae Ciuca.

The PNL leader mentioned that everything related to Western democratic values must be promoted, pointing out the fact that Romania is a member of the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance.

The prime minister also said that he is against any steps that try to destroy these values.

“It is very important to participate in such events and in all events related to our history, to the deeds of those who had the courage and strength to assume responsibilities,” Ciuca underscored, according to Agerpres.


When we have a stable governing coalition, social and foreign partners trust us


Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca thanked, on Wednesday, the parties in the governing coalition – PSD (Social Democratic Party), PNL (National Liberal Party) and UDMR (Democratic Union of Hungarians of Romania) – for maintaining the coalition “stable,” which also makes their social and foreign partners place more trust in them.

In the opening of the government meeting, PM Ciuca said that the year 2022 “wasn’t easy at all,” with the government and the governing coalition facing a series of decisions “that helped dealing all the challenges of 2022.”

“We all know the context. We had to deal with a continuation of the crisis situation generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, followed by the energy crisis, followed by the security crisis, the war in Ukraine near our border and, of course, the impact that the economic crisis and inflation had. And I would like to emphasize, in this context, the benefits that our country enjoyed as a member of the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance, the benefits that our bilateral relations with our strategic partners brought us, by helping us to make such decisions that ensured our social and economic stability. We can talk about economic growth and, of course, we can discuss measures to strengthen security and the safety of Romanian citizens,” said the head of Executive.

He thanked the governing coalition and those who contributed to the governmental activity.

“Internally, I would like to emphasize and thank the governing coalition. We have a stable coalition, as anyone could notice, made up of the parties that undertook the responsibility of governing – the Social Democratic Party, the National Liberal Party and the Democratic Union of Hungarians of Romania. Basically, it was thanks to this stability that we were able to convince all our social partners and also our foreign partners to trust us and take the opportunity to invest in Romania, an opportunity that materialized in the largest amount of foreign direct investments we had in one year,” stated Ciuca, at the beginning of the government meeting.

He added that, according to the National Bank’s estimates, the year 2022 will end with a approximately 11 billion euros in foreign investments.

“Of course, it was the year when we made operational the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. And we all know all these phases we went through, the quarterly phases, where we had to meet the milestones and targets according to the requirements and the reforms that we committed to carry out,” added Ciuca.

The Prime Minister said that, in 2023, the government will continue to support the economy and take measures so that there are no imbalances in the economy as a whole.

Ciuca also referred to all the measures taken by the government through the Support Programme for Romania, noting that they were measures meant to protect disadvantaged people.

“We made the decision to continue these measures through the 2023 programme and in this way make sure that we cover all the measures and all the decisions that can help the vulnerable population,” added Nicolae Ciuca.

The head of the Executive also mentioned the measures aimed at the protection of children.

“Social programmes were approved to give every child the chance for education and a better life. At the same time, we expanded the “Hot Meals in Schools” programme and vouchers for supplies and clothes were granted,” Ciuca said.

He said that there were also measures aimed at compensating energy prices and the decision to ensure a regulated price for the year 2023.

“Based on our analysis, we hope that we can also ensure the decrease of inflation in 2023,” added the PM.

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