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February 3, 2023

2023 brings Romanians increases in minimum wage, pension point and the gross salary in the public sector

Next year will bring to Romanians an increase in the minimum salary, the pension point and the gross salary in the public sector.

Also from 2023, the tax on income from dividends will be increased, but the ceiling for inclusion in the micro-enterprise category will be reduced, while the 3 pct tax rate will be eliminated.


* The gross minimum basic salary in the country guaranteed in payment increases to 3,000 RON.


This change in the gross minimum basic salary in the country guaranteed in payment represents an increase of 17.6 pct, which in absolute value means 450 RON, and in net value the salary is 1,863 RON, the increase being 339 RON, and the increase on net of 22.2 pct.

The hourly rate will be 18,145 RON/hour for a full work schedule of 165,333 hours/month.


* The value of the pension point is increased to 1,785 RON


The value of the pension point increases, from January 1, 2023, to 1,785 RON, from 1,586 RON, following that starting from 2024, the value will increase with the average annual rate of inflation, to which 50 pct of the real increase in the gross average salary realized, definitive indicators, known in the current year for the previous calendar year, as communicated by the National Institute of Statistics.


* The gross amount of basic salaries in the budget sector is increased by 10 pct.


The gross salary in the budgetary sector will be increased by 10 pct from January 2023, and the level of monthly allowances for positions of public dignity and functions assimilated to them will be maintained at the value of December 2022.

Also, in 2023, the amount of the food allowance will be maintained at the level established for 2022, and overtime compensation for budgetary staff will be made only with corresponding free time.

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