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January 27, 2023

PM Ciuca: 2022 – Best year in terms of European funds usage

Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca asserts that, 16 years after Romania’s joining the EU, the benefits of EU membership produce tangible results and that 2022 was the best year in terms of usage of European funds.

“Solidarity, expertise and European funds are key elements that provide to Romania the safety line it needs to overcome the complicated period we are going through. 16 years after joining, the benefits of our EU membership produce tangible results: the national economy is growing, European funding puts its mark on the development of infrastructure, health, education and local communities, and social programs come to the aid of citizens, especially vulnerable ones, who need more protection. Freedoms and fundamental values are an anchor for the development of our society. The measures to manage the energy crisis that is everybody’s major concern now, are also possible thanks to our status as an EU member. The fact that 2022 was Romania’s best year so far in terms of usage of European funds is also the expression European solidarity,” the prime minister notes in a message posted on Sunday on the government’s Facebook page.

The prime minister considers that the preparation of the necessary projects, reforms and documentation confirms the consolidation of this direction in 2023 and in the following years, pointing out that Romania has 46 billion euros approved through the 2021-2027 Cohesion Policy, which will bring in massive investments.

“We have the programs related to the 2021-2027 Cohesion Policy approved, which means the greenlighting of the 46 billion euros that will bring us massive investments in safer hospitals, transport infrastructure, modernization of the water infrastructure and support for the business environment. All operational programs have been approved. In the next few days, the funds for the second payment request under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan will flow in, which means that alone under this financing mechanism Romania will receive 9.2 billion euros in one year, considering pre-financing as well,” the prime minister notes.

Nicolae Ciuca credits the citizens and social partners with supporting Romania’s EU integration.

“The major transformation of Romania and the deepening of the integration process would not have been possible without the firm and open support of the Romanian citizens, the social partners and the entire Romanian society. This social energy coalesces ideas, motivates and inspires the projects Romania needs in order to carry on along its path to development, as part of the great European family,” the prime minister says in the conclusion of his message.

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