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January 26, 2023

President Iohannis receives gifts worth a total of 4.753 euros in 2022

An amber painting, a military knife, a replica of the 1822 battle flag, a Poenari brand pen, coins, tea and silver sets, are among the goods received by President Klaus Iohannis, last year, free of charge, as protocol.

The total value of the gifts received in 2022 by the head of state is 4,753 euros (23,515 RON), according to the list of goods received free of charge during protocol meetings and submitted to the Evaluation Commission within the Presidential Administration.

The most expensive gift received by President Iohannis was an amber painting representing the dome of Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem with a wooden frame, worth 1,125 euros (5,565.83 RON). Among the other expensive goods received there were: a Bayerischer printed sheet – drawing printed on museum-quality paper with real Kostler inks and a Leslie G. Hunt print, in a cherry cardboard map – worth 920 euros (4,551.61 RON), a silk replica of the 1822 battle flag that was handed by Grigore Dimitrie Ghica to the Grand Ottoma Officer Mihaita Filipescu during a ceremony held in Bucharest, and two emblems, worth 410 euros (2,028.44 RON), a set of two cups, two saucers, a milk bowl, a sugar bowl and a teapot with a painting made of “Herend” porcelain, in a cardboard box, worth 280 euros (1,385.28 RON), a Flyte lamp in a cardboard box, in value of 237 euros (1,172.54 RON).

According to the list published by the Presidential Administration, last year the head of state also received a military knife in a wooden box, worth 50 euros (247.37 RON), a red Poenari Romanian brand pen with a golden nib, in a leather case, worth of 94 euros (465.06 RON), an oval emblem by Arthur Bertrand, made of metal in a plexiglass support with reliefs of the plenary hall and the European Parliament, worth 75 euros (371.06 RON), the book “Le grand tour” by Oliver Guez, worth 24 euros (118.74 RON), a writing set – metal pen, 28 envelopes and 28 sheets and an inscribed plaque – worth 30 euros (148.43 RON), a painting called “Tree of wishes” representing a tree, made of brass, graphic art in relief, worth 200 euros (989.48 RON), a porcelain plate with traditional Turkish motifs in a plush box with silk interior, worth 180 euros (890.54 RON), an oval-shaped mirror with embossed floral patterns, worth 70 euros (346.32 RON), a philatelic picture titled “Stronger together” with two stamps and an envelope, worth 25 euros (123.69 RON), oval cufflinks, made of metal with the symbol of a golden harp, in a synthetic leather box, worth 20 euros (98.95 RON), a metal pin, representing three interspersed circles, in a cardboard box, worth 15 euros (74.22 RON).

President Iohannis also received 925 silver cufflinks with amber and stones from the Baltic Sea, in a cardboard box with velvet interior, worth 125 euros (618.43 RON), a “Purvitis” plate with a painting representing spring, in a cardboard box, worth 90 euros (445.27 RON), a red silk tie with traditional “Cross Moon” motifs, in a cardboard box, worth 60 euros (296.85 RON), a box with eight silver coins, worth 176 euros (870.75 RON), a 24K gold-plated porcelain engraving representing the “Tree of Unity,” in a green velvet box with a button, worth 58 euros (286.95 RON), a Frying pan metal pot replica in a black cardboard box, worth 90 euros (445.27 RON), a cherry silk tie, a model with blue birds, in a cardboard box, worth 60 euros (296.85 RON), an olive branch symbol made of gilded metal, in the shape of a crown, on a plexiglass support, in a cardboard box, worth 95 euros (470.01 RON), 925 silver cufflinks plated with 24K gold representing the flags of Romania and Albania, in a wooden box, worth 68 euros (336.43 RON), a map of Transylvania dated 1580 printed on two A3 sheets of thick cardboard, worth 92 euros (455.16 RON), an irregularly shaped bowl representing the map of the Czech Republic, handmade, a Maxim Velcovsky design, in a cardboard box, worth 49 euros (242.43 RON), a set consisting of a “L’Ahij” bowl for liquids and a 925 silver tray plated with 24K white and yellow gold, handmade, in a plush box, worth 35 euros (173.16 RON).

The 26 objects received by President Klaus Iohannis in 2022 for protocol remained in the patrimony of the Presidential Administration.


Via Agerpres

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