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January 27, 2023

Pupils return to classrooms after the winter holidays break , school management teams receive flu prevention recommendations

Students return to classes on Monday after the winter holiday, in a school year that includes five learning modules and five holidays. The next vacation, at the decision of the county and Bucharest municipality school inspectorates, is scheduled between February 6 and 26.

The ‘School Otherwise’ and ‘Green Week’ programs will take place between February 27 and June 16, spanning five consecutive working days, according to a schedule that is for the educational organization to decide and during which no formal learning activities take place. By way of exception, the curriculum of technical pathway high school vocational and post-high school education also provides for practical training activities during the ‘School otherwise’ and ‘Green Week’ programs.

The Education Ministry sent on Friday a set of informative materials issued by the National Public Health Institute regarding the measures to prevent the spread of the flu virus and recommended school inspectors to support the educational institutions to continue the educational process under normal conditions and lay emphasis on prevention.

On January 5 Education Minister Ligia Deca declared that schools will reopen on January 9 according to schedule and that non-participation in classes is not encouraged.

Health Minister Alexandru Rafila (photo) said that Romania is currently in a state of epidemiological alert, but that the authorities will not declare an epidemic, as this would require the return to “certain restrictions” like those in place during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

According to the authorities’ recommendations, the management teams of pre-university educational institutions are required to:

* disseminate to the parents or legal representatives of students/preschoolers/pre-K children information regarding the recognition of the symptoms of flu or other respiratory infections, for them to carry out the daily epidemiological screening at home, according to the guide sent by the Health Ministry, before the child joins the community;

* carry out the daily screening in school communities at the beginning of the first lesson of each shift;

* provide the necessary materials for the periodic disinfection of hands and surfaces;

* conduct the periodic disinfection of educational spaces;

* ensure the regular ventilation of the classrooms;

* instruct the students on appropriate behavior in case of coughing or sneezing, so as not to spread the flu virus, recommending the use of disposable handkerchiefs;

* recommend the use of sanitary protection masks, both for staff and for students/preschoolers;

* inform the parents or legal representatives about the need to see the family doctor at the onset of respiratory symptoms in order to receive therapeutic advice, isolate and possibly undergo additional investigations.

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