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February 6, 2023

Trends on the Romanian labour market in 2023: Employees with two jobs, hybrid work and staff import

The jobs that attracted the most applications at the beginning of the year were those for remote sales agent, junior banker, data entry operator, debit collection operator and cashier in gambling halls, each of these positions gathering more than 1,000 applications within just a few days, shows an analysis carried out by an online recruitment platform.

Some clear trends are expected on the labour market in 2023. One of them is related to the hybrid work schedule set to replace the one hundred percent remote one, even though last year was marked by a massive increase in both the job offer that did not require presence at the office and the demand.

At the same time, employees with two jobs and the importing of personnel represent other trends for this year.

According to the cited source, approximately 10,000 jobs were posted in the first week of the year on eJobs.ro, the largest online recruitment platform in Romania. The level is similar to the same period last year, 2022 marking, with 420,000 new jobs posted by employers, the last 20 years’ record.

“The beginning of the month confirms the signals we had since the end of last year, namely that 2023 will start strong and the recruitment and expansion policies of the teams will continue. Moreover, the candidates also became active immediately after the holidays ended, so we see a number of more than 225,000 applications, a slight increase compared to the same period last year. Each start of the year we see a large number of young and entry-level candidates looking to get a job for the first time or change jobs the job, which is why the positions that receive the most applications are those that require an experience level of at most two years or those in fields such as retail, services, telecommunications or call center/BPO,” said Bogdan Badea, CEO of eJobs Romania.

Remote work remains an option desired by a considerable number of candidates, in the conditions where 14 percent of the total number of applications concerned jobs that can be done exclusively from home.

On a general level, most applicants seek employment in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara and Brasov. With the exception of Brasov, these are also the cities with the highest net salary averages, as shown by the Romanian recruitment industry report, Review & Trends 2023, carried out by eJobs. Bucharest ranks first, with an average net salary of 4,500 RON. Next comes Timisoara, with 4,100 RON and Cluj-Napoca, with 4,000 RON net wage. Brasov is seventh in the ranking, with 3,500 RON, being outranked by Sibiu, Iasi and Oradea.

This year more and more employers are expected to resort to importing staff, given that the shortage of candidates is deepening, and jobs from abroad are starting to regain their popularity in the eyes of Romanians.

According to a draft law put up for public debate by the Ministry of Labour, the quota of foreign workers admitted on the labour market in 2023 is also 100,000, equal to that for 2022 and double that of 2021. The main fields of activity interested in foreign labour force are constructions, HoReCa and transports. Romania imports skilled or unskilled workers mainly from Asia, especially from countries such as Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh or India.

At this moment, over 24,000 jobs are available on eJobs.ro.

Launched in 1999, eJobs has more than 4.8 million CVs, more than 2 million unique visitors per month and more than 300,000 companies that have benefited from their services, Agerpres informs.

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