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January 26, 2023

Thirty trucks with aid donated by Americans to reach Ukraine through Suceava humanitarian hub

The Embassy of Romania to the United States of America reported on Thursday that 30 trucks with aid donated by Americans will arrive in Ukraine through the humanitarian hub in Suceava, Romania.

According to press statement released by the embassy, it is the first humanitarian aid batch from the US to be shipped via the Romanian hub.

The “Driven to Assist Ukraine” campaign, launched in March 2022 in the US state of Utah has collected 40 tonnes of material things worth almost 1 million US dollars and 4 million US dollars in cash, the source mentioned.

The donations consist of clothing, shoes, beds, personal care products, diapers, gloves, socks, blankets, and emergency kits.

“It took a titanic effort to manage to ship the donations from the US to the European humanitarian hub in Suceava, but we succeeded. We have recently learned that all these donations are very well received by Ukraine and those who need them in these hard times. I hope with all my heart that these donated items will bring a ray of warmth and hope into the lives of those who have lost so much. We have also learned that it is the first humanitarian aid batch from the US to the humanitarian hub in Suceava,” says Mircea Divricean, the honorary consul of Romania in Utah, who was directly involved in organising the transport.

Romanian ambassador to the US Andrei Muraru thanked for the effort made, noting that the process was coordinated and managed exemplarily, with solidarity and empathy towards the refugees.

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