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January 26, 2023

Artmark: First and last pictures of poet Mihai Eminescu displayed on National Culture Day at the Cesianu-Racovita Palace

The first and last pictures of poet Mihai Eminescu will be exhibited, for the first time together, at the Cesianu-Racovita Palace, on the National Culture Day, informs Artmark.

According to the same source, the original photographs, considered pieces of history, of museum value, will be exhibited only one day – Sunday, between 10.00 am and 8.00 pm, thus marking the 173rd anniversary of the birth of the national poet.

Artmark shows that Mihai Eminescu, universal representative of Romanian culture, was captured, throughout his life, in only four known and certified pictures. The first of them was taken when the poet was only 19 of age, in Prague, in 1869, in the workshop of photographer Jan Tomas, on his way to Vienna, to study. It is the most famous photograph of the great poet, recognized even by children. After this photo, two other versions were produced in Romania by photographers from Iasi, Bernhard Brand and Nestor Heck. The image of the young Mihai Eminescu was repeatedly associated with his works, being illustrated in school textbooks, vintage posters or vintage postcards.

Along with the first picture of Mihai Eminescu, the last one of the great poet is also exhibited, the one taken by photographer Jean Bielig, in 1887. The last of the series of four photographs of Mihai Eminescu was captured when the poet was 37 years old, probably in November, when he was in the care of his sister, Harieta. It is a photograph in which Eminescu appears ill, in the period when he lived on the Sfantul Nicolae Street in Botosani.

Artmark specifies that the story of Eminescu’s penultimate photograph is interesting, being taken only with the help of a hoax. His friends convinced him to take a group photo, but they discreetly agreed with the photographer and, when he was preparing to take the photo, the friends withdrew, leaving only Eminescu in the frame.

The visitors who will come to the Cesianu-Racovita Palace, on Sunday, will have the opportunity to admire a collection of princeps editions and rare books – including Mihai Eminescu’s ‘Poems,’ but also other historical documents, collection manuscripts, old maps or accompanying photographs of the holographic signature of famous personalities or capturing rare historical moments.

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