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February 2, 2023

Bozankaya company on claims about Iaşi Trams: Our vehicles comply with the technical requirements and European Union norms

The Turkish manufacturer Bozankaya comes with a series of clarifications after the media reported a series of technical  issues in several of the trams running on the tracks in Iasi between October and December 2022, including the sudden braking of the vehicles, the tendency to go backward and the wear of the pantograph carbon strips.

The assessment was carried out by the company’s technical inspectors, who found, in the preliminary report made following the investigation, that the issues with the vehicles backing up and braking suddenly were caused by the traction system.

The first  issue was recorded on November 25, 2022. At that time, the company’s technical experts went to the field and solved the  issue at the level of all vehicles, and on December 27, the software was updated, and the  issue was solved. Such updates are related to software integration and are carried out periodically to adjust the entire operating mechanism; this is a natural process of some technical systems, not a special situation“, said the representatives of the Turkish-German company Bozankaya.

Another aspect  claimed by the local media is that two vehicles have wheels spinning because the automatic sand line cleaning system is not working correctly.

The sanding system works correctly and the wheel slip/slide system detects slippage of the wheels and brakes accordingly, but doesn’t currently detect dirt on the rail. Detecting the dirt on the rail is not the case in any railway system. We mention that the related converter module properly isolates the two vehicles after the slip. The technical works continue, and when we have the final technical report, we will communicate the results“, the company representatives also specified.

According to the technical department of the Bozankaya company, which collaborated closely with CTP Iași representatives, the  issue regarding  the pantograph issue  of tram 2218 was caused by a contact  issue between the pantograph and the catenary line. Delivery is planned, once the new pantograph arrives in Iasi, it will be assembled and put into operation. The  carbon of the pantographs run out in average in three months in Iasi and this type of  carbon has been used in Bozankaya vehicles in most European cities for several years.

All Bozankaya vehicles comply with the technical requirements and European Union norms mentioned in the specifications and have EU-type approval. Passenger safety remains a priority for the company, and all vehicles used in Europe and Asia have been providing impeccable service for years, with high satisfaction ratings. We want Romanians to benefit from a technologically advanced transport network, clean and safe, by European Union standards“, concluded the representatives of Bozankaya’s technical department.

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