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February 6, 2023

EPPO’s Chief Prosecutor Kovesi attempting to get court case solved

Head of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office Laura Codruta Kovesi has requested the Romanian Supreme Court to call on the General Attorney’s Office to close a case involving her that was opened four years ago, Agerpres informs.

The subject of the trial is “challenge duration”, with a deadline for debate on Tuesday.

The case was opened in December 2018 by prosecutor Adina Florea of the Special Section, who meanwhile retired. The case was then taken over by the Attorney General’s Office, after the dissolution of the Special Section.

Kovesi complains about the fact that the Supreme Court has issued three decisions by which the prosecutors are compelled to either dismiss the case or send it to trial, but the Attorney General’s Office ignores them.

In October 2022, in an interview with G4Media, Kovesi said that the attorney general did not close the case probably out of a desire “to intimidate other magistrates.”

In December 2018, Florea indicted Laura Codruţa Kovesi, at that time the chief prosecutor of the National Anti-corruption Department (DNA), for abuse of office, bribery and perjury in a case related to bringing to Romania former director of the National Investment Fund (FNI) Nicolae Popa.

In March 2019, Florea placed Kovesi under a 60-day judicial supervision and banned her from leaving Romania.

Kovesi challenged the decision in court, and the Supreme Court cancelled Florea’s decision in April 2019.

The judge who made the decision explained that the supervision measure was illegal, and the accusations against Kovesi lacked “precision, clarity and evidence.”

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