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February 6, 2023

Government approves National Strategy on Education for Environment and Climate Change 2023 – 2030

The Government approved, in Wednesday’s meeting, the National Strategy on Education for the Environment and Climate Change 2023 – 2030, a document that establishes clear actions in order to increase the level of education and awareness among children and young people regarding development sustainable and environmental responsibility, announced the spokesperson for the Government, Dan Carbunaru.

“An important moment for Romanian education, because it is the first time in Romania that a National Strategy dedicated to education for the environment and for climate change is adopted. Through this document, clear actions are established to increase the degree of education and awareness among children and young people regarding sustainable development and responsibility towards the environment. Educational units will become strategic partners to build a sustainable future. As such, students and teachers will benefit from all the support to understand, on the one hand, the gravity of the climate crisis and environment, but also to raise awareness of the causes and effects of these crises, along with ways to improve society’s response to these challenges,” Carbunaru told a press conference at the Victoria Palace.

He emphasized that the objective of the strategy is aligned with the principles of President Klaus Iohannis’ project, ‘Educated Romania’, which aims to cultivate respect for the environment, as part of the values promoted and developed through education.

“One of the objectives assumed within this project is for the education system to train citizens who are responsible towards society and the environment. Besides, you probably remember, last November during the COP 27 Summit, the President of Romania supported the National Declaration that aims to promote research and innovation to support climate actions, food security, vulnerable communities, adaptations to climate change and effective response to emergency situations generated by them. The strategy is also based on the Presidential Administration Report ‘Education on Climate Change and the Environment’ in sustainable schools’, validated by the public consultation of February 11 last year, a continuation of the ‘Educated Romania’ project, whose implementation is included as a commitment in the National Defense Strategy of the country,” explained Dan Carbunaru, according to Agerpres.


Road safety investment agreement with EIB, approved by the Executive


The government approved at its Wednesday meeting the 50 ml euro financing contract with the European Investment Bank intended for priority road safety investments in 89 locations in Romania; among others, underground or above-ground passages and roundabouts will be built under this agreement, the government’s spokesman Dan Carbunaru announced.

“The bill on the financing contract ‘Romania road safety priority investments’ was approved today, a 50 million euro contract between Romania and the European Investment Bank. Underpasses, overpasses or roundabouts will be built in 89 locations, and sewerage or signage works will also be carried out. The total cost of the project is approximately 100 million euros, an amount to which VAT is also added,” Carbunaru told a press conference at the Victoria Palace of Government.

He mentioned that the implementation of the contract will be ensured by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure through the National Road Infrastructure Administration Corporation.


Photo: www.gov.ro

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