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March 16, 2023

Complice.ro exceeds its doubling business target in 2022, after 2.5x times increase, reaching 430,000 euros

Complice.ro, curator and provider of experiences for individuals and companies, ended 2022 with a turnover of 430,000 euros, up 168% compared to the previous year. The positive dynamic was due to the suspension of restrictions and the return to the office, which generated a doubling of the number of clients, both individuals and companies, a record indicator for Complice.ro.

Both in the residential and corporate segments, as a solution for employee experience, reward & recognition programs, there is an increasingly clear orientation towards the choice of experiences, which take the place of classic object-type prizes and gifts.

Therefore, Complice.ro marks the best year, both in the corporate and residential segments, with a 100% increase in the number of clients. Also, the number of orders doubled compared to the previous year, and the average value of an order was 390 euros, up 30% compared to the value of 297 euros in 2021.


Top experiences in 2022


In 2022, Complice.ro customers purchased experiential packages not only to mark special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or holidays, but also as a new personal consumption behaviour, choosing experiences that they themselves enjoyed.

So, from the top of the year-round experiences, there is a preference for experiences involving adrenaline such as flying an airplane, paragliding or diving, but also gourmet experiences such as private wine tastings at wineries, whiskey or craft beer workshops, or for relaxation and travel, with accommodations in unique and exclusive places or urban getaways.

Flexible packages, with several experiences from which the recipient chooses the favourite one, within a predefined budget – Flexibox  – remain in the top of preferences both for personal gifts and for gifts between colleagues or corporate prizes. Moreover, gifts for colleagues represent a segment that registered a remarkable return in 2022, with the suspension of restrictions and the return to the office, with almost three times more orders of this type being registered.


 Experiences for teams and employees, help in connection and productivity


In terms of group experiences, in 2022 companies preferred innovative and engaging treasure hunt actions in cities, parks or forests combined with survival elements, creative team-building activities, blending workshops or private tastings, all having objective of bringing people together and connecting them.

“For corporate clients, I think that one of the most challenging processes to manage in the last two years was the onboarding for new employees and strengthening the team. From the requests we received in 2022, but especially from the feedback of our clients, we also notice how experiences have become preferred by companies, occupying an important part in the employee engagement strategy. The companies we work with quantify the beneficial effects of experiences in connecting teams and their impact on individual productivity, and the results are encouraging: over 75% of the employees who participated in the events organized by us last year declared that they feel more connected with their colleagues than they felt before the event and over 60% feel more engaged. Managers want to bring their teams together, to get to know each other, to spend time together, to socialize, and the solutions we offer contribute to achieving these goals” stated Oana Pascu, founder of Complice.ro

The average value of the experience packages chosen by the companies, either at team level or individual prizes and gifts, was 2070 eur. Most requests came from companies in the fields of IT, retail, banking and creative industries.

“With the return to the office, the orders in the corporate segment increased, being requests for individual prizes and gifts, for recognition and motivation, but especially for the area of ​​experiences for teams, for connecting and improving communication between colleagues. This also fueled the increase in the average order in the corporate segment, by 80% compared to the pandemic period” added Oana Pascu.


About Complice.ro


Complice.ro is a curator of experiences that create contexts for each of us to enjoy life by experiencing new activities or deepening old passions. Experience packages are oriented both towards the business area (offering an extensive portfolio of alternative reward, recognition and incentive tools for employees, clients and business partners, as well as creative solutions for corporate events), as well as towards the B2C area (experiences of personal development, relaxation, adrenaline and many others) for those who want to collect and offer throughout their life memories, not objects.

In the more than 7 years since it has been active on the market, Complice.ro has delivered more than 3,000 unique experiences for customers in the B2B and B2C segments, from a portfolio that includes over 250 predefined experiences on the site, built with the help of over 150 partners from Bucharest, but also from the rest of the country and even from abroad.

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