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March 22, 2023

Tate Brothers accused of bringing girls from UK, US to Romania forcing them to produce pornographic content

Brothers Andrew and Tristan Tate are accused by the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) prosecutors of having recruited two women from the US and the UK, under the pretext of matrimony, brought them back to Romania, where they forced them to produce pornographic content that was posted on an online platform in order to be broadcast for a fee.

Details about the manner in which the Tate brothers managed to bring women from abroad to Romania can be found in the reasoning behind the decision of a judge with the Bucharest Court, which ordered the extension of the remand custody of the two brothers and their second accomplice, a former police officer and Andrew Tate’s girlfriend.

The Tate brothers, who have British citizenship, and their two accomplices are accused of establishing an organized crime group, in view of recruiting, accommodating and exploiting by forcing several women, in order to create materials with pornographic content, intended to be broadcast for a fee.

In the Court’s document, the judge shows the manner in which a women from the UK was recruited and brought to Romania, as well as a women from the US.

In terms of evidence, the prosecutors submitted to the court the statements of the victims, psychological expertises and the minutes reproducing the conversations carried out through internet apps.

On the other hand, the court admits that the prosecutors “did not fully clarify the factual situation” in this case, but “there are solid indications” regarding the commission of crimes of obvious gravity by the defendants. Then, the magistrate lists the reasons why he ordered the extension of the arrest warrants for the Tate brothers.

“The judge of rights and freedoms takes into account the manner in which the defendants operated, which involves the recruitment of people by misleading, creating the illusion of feelings of affection and stable relationships for the victims, sheltering them in the house where the other girls were and their exploitation by determining them to create photo and video content, under the supervision and control of the defendants (…), in order to post the materials on the platforms (…), with the aim of obtaining material gains that would maintain the defendants’ high standard of living. The judge takes into account the particular dangerousness of the defendants, their ability to identify segments of victims with increased vulnerability, in search of better life opportunities, and then consider that the culprits are victims who want to get rich, not the traffickers who obtain huge profits from the exploitation of their material vulnerability. (…) The judge takes into account the defendants’ ability and effort to exercise permanent psychological control over the victims, including by resorting to constant acts of violence,” the magistrate explains.

The judge believes that Tate brothers’ release “would induce disturbances of public discipline, of the observance toward the law, stimulating the collective fear that justice is not effective against dangerous acts – thus, generating a feeling of insecurity in society and therefore a state of danger for public order.”


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