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March 20, 2023

AgriMin Daea, at the meeting of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council : Romania cannot accept the ban on the long-distance live animal transport

Romania is an important livestock exporter to third countries and it supports the amendments aimed at increasing the welfare of animals, but the revision must not limit certain types of transport, Agriculture minister Petre Daea said, on Monday, in Brussels, emphasizing that our country cannot accept the ban on the long-distance live animal transport.

“Romania is the second largest sheep breeder in the European Union and an important exporter to third countries, mainly via sea. That is why the animal transport activity plays an important role. Any legislative amendment must take into account the existing realities. We agree with the amendments that are intended to increase the welfare of animals, while ensuring competitiveness on the single and international market, with the maintenance of export markets. The revision must not limit certain types of transport. We cannot accept the ban on the long-distance live animal transport,” pointed out the minister of Agriculture, according to Agerpres.

He added that Romania must and will continue to support the legitimate interests of farmers, who make special efforts to capitalize on the production on traditional markets, “where the demand has a certain specificity, which we cannot change through legislative amendments”.

The European Commission called for a reduction in journey times to eight hours for animals to be slaughtered and to four hours for animals kept for milk or egg production or breeding, as well as better protection of young or pregnant animals. Instead of the 10-day limit, unweaned animals should not be transported before five weeks of age, and the limit for pregnant animals should be two-thirds of the pregnancy (currently 90%).

When it comes to transport outside the EU, the Commission has called for live animal exports to be limited to countries that guarantee and respect equivalent animal welfare standards.


Photo: Facebook/Ministerul Agriculturii


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