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March 16, 2023

Speaker Ciolacu, still confident the current governing coalition can continue even after the 2024 elections

The chairman of the Social-Democratic Party (PSD), Marcel Ciolacu, declared on Wednesday that he is convinced that the current governing coalition can continue its activity even after the 2024 elections.

“We all saw how much Romania had to gain by having this political stability. It is obvious to everyone. That there are still many things to be done, I am firmly convinced. I still believe that this coalition can continue even after 2024,” said Ciolacu at the Parliament Palace.

Marcel Ciolacu stated that the rotation in the government will take place when the time is right, and this will be decided by the coalition.

“I want a good and efficient Romanian government and I think that the analyses are done within the coalition. We start from a protocol that we respect. (…) Christmas is on the 25th, New Year’s is on the 31st, my birthday is on the 28th – these are fixed. (…) We see how we set things up, so that we don’t spoil something that works or reverse the priorities, because it is written in a protocol that the rotation is on the 25th (of May, ed. n.). we could finally see in Romanian politics some people for whom the priority is Romania and the responsibility they have in the positions they have. The rotation will take place when the coalition is established, when it is the most opportune moment for Romania and for the Government and for the Parliament. (…) This rotation between the prime ministers is done at the moment when all things are settled and discussed. If it is opportune to be earlier than May 25, it will be earlier, if it is opportune to be with a week – two weeks after the 25th, because certain milestones at the Parliament or the Government must be closed, it will be,” Ciolacu said.

The PSD leader also said that there will also be a government reshuffle during the rotation of prime ministers.

“It’s normal. There are people who keep this rhythm, people who can’t resist this rhythm, it’s something normal,” Marcel Ciolacu pointed out.


PSD not to introduce new taxes, it wants fair balance


Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Social Democratic Party (PSD) leader Marcel Ciolacu, said on Wednesday that the social democrats are working on a new government program that will be subject to approval in the coalition, noting that the PSD will not come up with new taxes, but wants a fair business environment for everyone.

“We are working on a governing program with which we will go in coalition because it will not be PSD’s governing program, nor that of the PNL [the National Liberal Party], nor of the UDMR [the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania], it will be a governing program of the coalition and of the Government of Romania,” stated Ciolacu.

Asked if the PSD is considering the measure of reducing the VAT on staple foods, Ciolacu said that it is “insufficient”.

“At the moment, the working teams are trying to find the best solution because food prices represent the largest component in inflation. And we have assumed that this year we will end with a single-digit inflation and then we will come up with solutions to reduce inflation,” said the PSD leader.

“We haven’t talked about tax optimization or profit outsourcing, we haven’t talked about anything in this regard. We have talked about an equal business environment for everyone. Concretely, we all want big investors and small investors and SMEs and Horeca, absolutely everyone. At the moment, the entire Romanian capital pays 1 pct, as you well know, micro-enterprises, of the turnover, a minimum. PSD wants to create a fair balance in Romania. (… ) I think we are entering a period of fair, competitive partnership, we must all be equal,” explained Ciolacu.

If the energy price had been regulated “when we said it, we would not have had an inflation of 16 pct today. What pleases me is the fact that at least we did it in March, because if we hadn’t done it in March, we would have had an inflation of 30 pct. When we were talking about the solidarity tax, no one accepted this. At the moment, the European Commission and the European Union are coming up with a solidarity tax at the European level,” Ciolacu said, according to Agerpres.

Marcel Ciolacu also said that the decision will be made transparently after discussions with the business environment and the population.

Finally, Ciolacu also said that solutions will be sought that will lead to economic growth without relying on consumption, but on production. The most important solution is investments, he says, and the workforce, which we must keep in the country.

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