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March 16, 2023

Chamber of Deputies plenary meeting debats on simple motion against IntMin Bode

The plenary meeting of the Chamber of Deputies gathered on Monday to debate the simple motion against Interior Minister Lucian Bode, which has been submitted by the Save Romania Union (USR) and MPs of the Right Force Party, with the vote to be cast on Wednesday.

Deputies of the USR and the Right Force Party submitted, last week, to the plenary meeting, the simple motion against minister Bode called “Romania deserves much more than thieves in public offices.”

The signatories argue that the purpose of this simple motion is to draw attention to “the impermissible delay in a governmental position of a man who doesn’t deserve it” as he “doesn’t deserve his academic title” or “the respect of the people who worked honestly in Romania.”

Moreover, the USR and the Right Force Party believe that minister Bode should also be held accountable for the “humiliating failure of Romania in its attempt to join Schengen,” as well as “the rigged tenders for the purchase of cars for party and state clients of the governmental arch.”


Bode: Censure motion – a concerted political attack; functional illiterates try to denigrate me


The Minister of the Interior, Lucian Bode, on Monday stated, in front of the Chamber of Deputies’ plenary session, that the simple motion submitted against him represents “a concerted political attack,” and the accusations of plagiarism regarding his PhD have nothing to do with reality, while “some functional illiterates” try to denigrate him and “crucify him in the public square” regarding his academic and professional career.

He claimed that before USR’s (Save Romania Union) “defection” from the government, no one was interested in his PhD thesis, noting that, in the recent months, USR “spent millions of lei on insults, incitement to hatred and baseless accusations.”

Lucian Bode said that he complied with the law, presenting the university and professional training he has.

According to Bode, after 20 years of activity, “which directly concerned the national energy system, including at a high level as a former minister in the coordination of this field” and “after a professional career in which he climbed every step,” he had all the legitimacy to support a PhD thesis on this topic.

He specified that the thesis has chapter 5 “based on the experience accumulated and capitalized on draft laws that even today regulate the activity of this important field.”

Bode also said the work met all academic standards.





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