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One year of war: Romania reiterates its support for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people as long as needed

President Iohannis: We will continue to support Ukraine as long as needed, this is our firm commitment

President Klaus Iohannis sent on Friday a message on the one-year anniversary of the outbreak of Russia’s aggression war against Ukraine, stating that Romania will continue to support Ukraine and the Ukrainian people as long as needed, which is our country’s “firm commitment”.

“We will continue to help Ukraine and the Ukrainian people as long as needed. This is Romania’s firm commitment. The war has taught us another lesson, that of solidarity and unity. Together we showed that we are strong and stand up to the Russian aggression. Ukraine must win this battle, and Russia must be held accountable for the crimes committed and the lives destroyed. Dear Ukrainians, you are not alone! You have a reliable friend in Romania, who supports you in this unjust struggle! It is our responsibility, of all of us, to contribute to victory and to building a better, peaceful future! Romania is and will stay by Ukraine’s side!,” the head of the state said in a video message.

He showed that one year ago, Russia launched a brutal attack on Ukraine, without any justification, but the Ukrainian people impressed through their courage, strength and determination in defending their country and freedom.

“Dear Romanians, on the morning of February 24, 2022, exactly one year ago, we saw how our present and future can change in an instant. An independent nation, a neighboring state – Ukraine – was attacked cruelly, with no justification whatsoever, by Russia. Innocent people lost their lives, lost their loved ones, lost their homes, had their schools and hospitals destroyed and had to flee the war to save themselves and their children. Throughout this time, however, the Ukrainian people impressed the entire world with the courage, strength and determination shown in defending their country and freedom, repelling the aggression of the Russian enemy forces,” the head of the state said.

President Iohannis emphasizes that “by defending their country and freedom, the Ukrainian people protect our values and freedom, protect our security, that of Romanians and of the entire Europe”.

“The struggle of the Ukrainian people is our struggle too! From the very first day, Romania has been at the side of the Ukrainian people, and the Romanians have shown the whole world what offering support and opening the door of your home to the women and children who have lost their homes means, helping with an open heart all those who are fleeing the horrors of war. Citizens and authorities, we all mobilized to provide a fast response and support Ukraine in its great challenge,” Iohannis went on, thanking all Romanians for the solidarity and empathy shown.

“You have proven that the Romanians are neighbors and partners you can rely on,” the head of the state says in the conclusion of his message.


Ukrainian flag flown at Foreign Ministry’s HQ: Sovereign, independent Ukraine stays a priority


The Ukrainian flag is flown on Friday at the Foreign Affairs Ministry’s headquarters in Bucharest, to mark one year since the beginning of Russia’s war on Ukraine. The ministry states on this occasion that “a sovereign and independent Ukrainian state, with its territorial integrity restored, stable, prosperous, democratic and firmly anchored in a European and Euro-Atlantic orbit is in Romania’s national interest and stays a priority for our country’s diplomatic action”.

“The support provided to Ukraine means support for the security of Romania and the Romanian citizens,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Also, the ministry’s building will be lit up on Friday evening in the colors of the neighboring country’s flag, blue and yellow. “Romania will continue supporting Ukraine and its citizens as long as it is necessary,” the Foreign Affairs Ministry said.

The Romanian officials emphasize that the launch of the Russian Federation’s aggression war against Ukraine is “an illegal, premeditated and illegitimate act that represents an attack not only on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, and on the key parameters of the Euro-Atlantic security architecture, but also a flagrant violation of international law, including the UN Charter, as well as of the fundamental principles of the rules-based international order.”

According to the Foreign Ministry, the unprecedented military invasion launched on February 24, 2022 has triggered “the most serious security and humanitarian crisis in Europe since the end of the second world conflagration”. Moreover, says the Foreign Ministry, “the Russian aggressor proceeded to illegal transfers and deportations of the Ukrainian civilian population, including children, from the Ukrainian regions illegally occupied by the Russian Federation.”

The representatives of the Romanian ministry call for solidarity. “The Russian Federation must unequivocally understand that as long as it continues to use force to impose its will on the international stage, the international community will stay united in isolating it on multilateral levels. The Russian armed attacks on Ukraine will not achieve their real goal, that of destabilizing our entire security architecture and our system of democratic values, because this war has united us more than ever in supporting the neighboring country and in defending the Euro-Atlantic security space and values,” the Foreign Affairs Ministry points out.

In this context, Romania’s support actions for Ukraine are mentioned, including its involvement in the international effort to create an effective and viable mechanism for taking to court those who committed crimes of aggression in the neighboring state.

“At the same time, Romania was among the most active states in supporting Ukraine’s European path. We consider that Ukraine’s rightful place is in the European family,” the Foreign Ministry also points out, reaffirming the fact that Romania wants to be part of Ukraine’s reconstruction process and “will stay involved until the end”.

“One year on from the start of the Russian aggression, Romania remains, as in the first moment, at the side of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, and will continue to provide substantial and multidimensional support as long as it takes for Ukraine to win this war. Slava Ukraini/Glory to Ukraine!,” is the conclusion of the Foreign Ministry’s statement.


DefMin Tilvar: Romania will continue to support Ukraine as long as it is needed


The minister of Defence, Angel Tilvar, on Friday said that Romania will continue to support Ukraine as long as it is needed.

“We will continue to support Ukraine as long as needed, because the Romanian people believe in an international system based on rules, not aggression. Since the beginning of the Russian Federation’s war of aggression against Ukraine, Romania has provided humanitarian assistance to the neighbouring country, and also political, diplomatic and economic support. The Romanian state has provided shelter and aid for more than 3.5 million Ukrainian refugees and has been involved in facilitating the transit from Ukraine to global markets of over 11.8 million tonnes of grain,” says the minister of National Defence, in a message posted on Facebook, one year after the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

According to the post, the war initiated by Russia against Ukraine proved Euro-Atlantic solidarity and cohesion.

With more than 5,000 allied soldiers stationed on our national territory, who train together with the Romanian soldiers, our country is better protected and defended than ever. Currently, there are operating in Romania the Battle Group for Collective Defence, led by France, as a framework nation, and including forces belonging to the Netherlands and Belgium, units of the US Army – the elements of the 101st Airborne Division Screaming Eagles and the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, as of October of last year, as well as units from Poland, Portugal and North Macedonia, subordinated to the Craiova-based Southeast Multinational Brigade.


IGI: 4,399 Ukrainians seek asylum in Romania


A number of 4,399 Ukrainian citizens have requested asylum in Romania since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, benefiting for all the rights stipulated by the national legislation, the General Inspectorate for Immigration (IGI) conveyed on Friday.

Throughout the entire period of the procedure, the asylum seekers can benefit from accommodation in the centers of the General Inspectorate for Immigration, if they wish this thing, as well as material, financial, medical assistance, specialized psychological and legal counseling, access to the labor market and cultural adaptation activities.

Complementarity, they can benefit from the support of international and non-governmental organizations that carry out their activity in the migration area.

At this moment, the occupancy rate of the accommodation centers of the General Inspectorate for Immigration is 39.3 percent.

As of 18 March 2022 until now, a number of 118,493 residence permits have been issued for beneficiaries of temporary protection, 409 having been granted in the last 24 hours.

Temporary protection is an exceptional measure of the European Union aimed at providing immediate and temporary protection to people fleeing the conflict in Ukraine. This provides certain rights, including a residence permit, access to the labor market, medical assistance and access to education for children. The registration of temporary protection is a simple and fast procedure, the General Inspectorate for Immigration mentioned.


EU leaders condemn the war of aggression started by Russia against Ukraine, emphasize strong commitment to continue support for Ukraine


The members of the European Council adopted on Thursday a statement in which they condemn the war of aggression started by Russia against Ukraine one year ago and emphasize that the European Union will continue to support Ukraine.

“One year after Putin’s Russia started a brutal war of aggression against Ukraine, we, the EU leaders, express our full solidarity with the Ukrainian people and our strong commitment to continue our support for Ukraine,” President Klaus Iohannis wrote on Twitter on Thursday.

The members of the European Council appreciate the Ukrainian people for their determination to fight, stating that Russia’s aggression is a crime against peace.

”One year ago, Putin’s Russia started its brutal war of aggression against Ukraine. The Ukrainian people have shown incredible strength in defending their homeland and the core principles of international law against the Russian aggression. They have shown resolve in defending democracy and freedom, resilience in the face of hardship and dignity when confronted with Russia’s crimes. The Ukrainian people have shown the world that the future of Ukraine is for the Ukrainians to decide. No country has the right to invade its neighbour or violate its sovereignty and territorial integrity. This aggression is a crime against peace. It violates the UN Charter, the UN principles and the values of mankind. We cannot and should not remain passive in front of such crimes. Russia has systematically targeted civilians, destroyed cities and attacked Ukrainian identity. We are determined to ensure that all those who are responsible for war crimes and other most serious crimes committed in connection with Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine are held to account,” reads the statement of the members of the European Council, posted on the institution’s website.

European leaders point out that Russia has weaponised food and energy, made deeply irresponsible nuclear threats and spread false narratives about the war. Russia’s war of aggression and its consequences have significantly affected many countries notably through its impact on the global economy, food and commodity prices.

”The European Union will continue to work with partners to mitigate these effects and to provide assistance to the countries and people most in need,” the statement mentions.

They recall that the European Union and its partners acted quickly and in unity.

” We will continue to stand firmly and in full solidarity with Ukraine and its people for as long as it takes. All Ukrainians deserve to live in peace and choose freely their own destiny. Ukraine is part of our European family. Ukrainians have expressed their wish for a future within the European Union and we have acknowledged that by granting Ukraine the status of candidate country. The choice of the people of Ukraine is one of peace, democracy, rule of law, respect for fundamental rights and prosperity,” the document also states.

The statement emphasizes that the The European Union will continue to support Ukraine in political, economic, humanitarian, financial and military terms, including through swift coordinated procurement from European industry.

”We will also support Ukraine’s reconstruction, for which we will strive to use frozen and immobilised Russian assets in accordance with EU and international law. We will further increase collective pressure on Russia to end its war of aggression. To this end we will adopt a tenth sanctions package and we will take steps against those who attempt to circumvent EU measures,” the statement points out.

The European leaders voice support for President Zelensky’s peace formula.

“Together with our international partners, we will make sure that Ukraine prevails, that international law is respected, that peace and Ukraine’s territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders are restored, that Ukraine is rebuilt, and that justice is done.Until that day, we will not rest”, conclude the members of the European Council.


ForMin Aurescu: Romania wants peace for Ukraine, at the moment there is still an alarming level of hostilities


Romania wants peace for Ukraine, but at the moment there is “an alarming level of hostilities”, the Foreign Affairs minister Bogdan Aurescu said on Thursday, at the special session of the UN General Assembly, according to a press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent to AGERPRES.

“What we want, on the verge of marking one year since the beginning of the Russian Federation’s war of aggression against Ukraine, is simple: peace for the Ukrainian people, the victory of principles and values and a bloody conflict less in the world. But what’s still happening is very different. We continue to notice an alarming level of hostilities, without signs of mitigation, with unimaginable sufferings for the civilian population and drastic and long-lasting consequences,” the head of Romanian diplomacy said.

He pointed out that “the human rights situation and humanitarian consequences of the Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine, including the ongoing attacks against its critical infrastructure, are particularly worrying.”

“No less cruel are the information about the atrocities committed on the territory of Ukraine, for which we must ensure that the guilty will be held accountable. This continuous aggression undermines the norms-based international order and effective multilateralism and remains a cause for concern for the international community,” Aurescu added.

Bogdan Aurescu said that “the hybrid war proliferated by Russia – intensified even more by false accusations, disinformation and malignant influence, aims not only to destabilize the region and the most vulnerable states – such as the Republic of Moldova, but also to undermine our unity, mutual trust and solidarity”.

The minister recalled that our country supports the establishment of a special court for the crime of aggression in relation to the situation in Ukraine. He also said that about 3.6 million Ukrainian citizens entered Romania, and of these over 110,000 remained in our country.

Bogdan Aurescu participated in the vote at the end of the debate and welcomed the adoption, with a large majority of votes (141 votes in favour, compared to 7 votes against), of the resolution “Principles that lead to a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in Ukraine”, during the 11th Special Emergency Session, resumed, of the UN General Assembly (UNGA). Romania co-sponsored the resolution, together with all EU states and other countries (a total of 75 states).

Romania strongly condemned, in the national declaration presented before the vote, the war of aggression waged by the Russian Federation, a member state of the UN Security Council, against Ukraine.


People of Bucharest City have donated 550 tonnes of aid for Ukrainian refugees


The people of Bucharest City have donated 550 tonnes of aid for Ukrainian refugees since the beginning of the war last February that were sorted and distributed, according to Bucharest City Deputy Mayor Horia Tomescu.

He wrote on social media on Friday that over 500,000 hot meal servings were prepared for Ukrainian refugees this past year and that an InfoPoint was opened at the North Station 24 hours a day.

Tomescu also says that in support of the Ukrainians, eight centres for emergency accommodation were established managed by the Bucharest City Hall via the Bucharest Social Work General Directorate, 5,000 trips from the North Railway Station to the accommodation areas, a single emergency line for complaints from citizens and public and private institutions, six day centres for preschool and school children, a summer school, places for online courses and free Romanian language courses.

Free healthcare was provided for refugees from Ukraine in the hospitals of the Administration of Bucharest Hospitals and Healthcare Services.

According to Tomescu, RON 200,000 were allocated for train tickets, and 72,580 vouchers for purchases worth RON 100 each.

The official also says that 240,000 people were assisted with non-perishable food, personal care products and other essentials at a Romexpo supermarket.


Compiled from Agerpres

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