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March 16, 2023

Color Smart: Investing in Instagrammable locations, the trend of 2023 in a growing premium decoration market

  • Romania aligns itself with the international trend of Instagrammable locations development. The most instagrammable places in the world are in Central and Eastern Europe
  • According to estimates, the interior design market will have this year a growth of 35%

Color Smart, the only importer and distributor in Romania and the Republic of Moldova of premium and premium plus brands Novacolor, Color Smart, and Pittsburgh Paints, estimates that Instagrammable locations will be one of the main trends of the interior design market in 2023.

The owners of restaurants, cafes, hotels, or office spaces are just some of the entrepreneurs who are increasingly emphasizing offering impressive locations for customers, employees, and business partners. In many cases, an interior created specifically to look good in pictures, instagrammable, can be the key to the development of the business. Some of the most Instagrammable places in the world are in Central and Eastern Europe, in capitals such as Budapest and Prague, and the trend is the same in Romania.

“Our showrooms in Bucharest and Timisoara are perfect examples of locations where you can take dozens or even hundreds of Instagrammable pictures. Businesses, that want to differentiate and place themselves in an area of premium services and products, are paying more and more attention to the way the area in which they operate looks, and if it combines usefulness with beauty and functionality. We meet more and more people open to new, up to date with international trends in interior design, who understand the importance of a good quality, personalized design. The more attractive the images, movies, and stories generated by the products and services are, the easier it is to achieve success in social media. We observe a trend of sophistication of the general public, who wants spectacular, unique, special interior design, made with sustainable, natural, ecological materials”, says Cătălina Trupșor, founder and CEO of Color Smart Distribution.

In a decoration market estimated to grow by more than 35% in 2023, there is a high interest in turnkey projects and beneficiaries who choose premium washable products or pretentious decorative paints escape the headaches given by an independent project. They get efficient project management, a responsible person who coordinates all the activities, supervises the development of the stages and maintains the relationship with the teams of decorators. Also, customers receive a realistic budget from the very beginning of the work, without having any surprises along the way. Everything related to the quality of the work is the priority of the project manager.

“There are still many customers who realize too late that what they will see all the time in the spaces they renovate are the interior decorations. Therefore, towards the end of the work, they try to achieve exceptional results with little money, which unfortunately is impossible. The first aspect that the Romanian client should work on is to protect the budget for interior design and, of course, to consider collaborating with an architect or designer specialist to guide him through the numerous pitfalls that appear until the end of the project. The clients who come to us work 70% with architects or designers. For the 30% who do not have a specialist by their side, we offer consultancy services in choosing the solution and training programs for the teams of decorators they work with”, adds Cătălina Trupșor.

According to Color Smart, there is a clear increase in the consumption of paints for wood and metal, but also in sealing materials for concrete and stone. The home & deco segment has grown a lot in the COVID pandemic period and has maintained a positive trend. As a result, only for varnishes and paints, the size of the Romanian market is estimated at 250 million euros per year. In recent years, growth has been 5-10% per year, except in 2022, when there has been no significant advance.

Among the companies that work with premium and premium plus products, some invest in luxury showrooms, office buildings of the upper classes, medical clinics that want decoration according to Western standards and, last but not least, the important players in HORECA.

Color Smart has also undertaken initiatives to educate the premium interior design market. Under the umbrella of Novacolor Academy, dozens of events are held annually, both for the end customers, as well as for the media and other friends of the special colors. In the few hours spent at the Color Smart workshops, people work on large dimensions panels and feel what it means to carry out a dreamy arrangement. They understand at least in part what are the challenges that teams of decorators face when working in their spaces. They also realize how each material with which they interact should be applied to the wall so that it can achieve the best result. At the end of the courses, the participants know better what to purchase, so that they get the project they wanted.

A photo gallery for some of the Instagrammable projects made by Color Smart is available HERE.


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